• Dependable CO2 indoor air quality devices optimise demand-controlled ventilation

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Dependable CO2 indoor air quality devices optimise demand-controlled ventilation

Sep 12 2022

Indoor carbon dioxide (CO2) may not necessarily pose an immediate threat to human life, it can certainly affect well-being, alertness and overall performance. Today it is both a legal and economic necessity to ensure that the indoor air quality is of a high standard. We all exhale CO2, so busy buildings with poor ventilation can build up levels of the gas rapidly.

LogiDataTech provide a series of solutions to monitor and control (CO2) so that ventilation can be ‘demand-controlled’ to ensure a healthy indoor environment is achieved efficiently and economically. Demand-control ventilation ensures that indoor spaces are ventilated to the right level, rooms are at a comfortable temperature, the air is clean and building HVAC systems are running as economically as possible.

LogiDataTech’s measurement devices cater for all indoor CO2  monitoring criteria. The infrared sensors provide reliable and precise CO2  levels in ambient indoor air to enable the ventilation system to perform at an optimal level. These devices constantly self-monitor and then signal any hard or software malfunctions to the operator. The entire measuring range is linear and LogiDataTech offer a solution for every temperature and measuring range. 

The MF 420 IR Mobile ‘Air Quality Signal’ uses a using a specific two-beam infrared NDIR photometer to determine absolute CO2 concentration in the ambient air (atmospheric partial pressure). The Air Quality Signal can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf; it includes an AC power adapter. 

The MF420-IR AL provides the same features as the MF420 IR Mobile, but operators can also use the device’s two independent relay outputs can be activated to automatically activate automatic window openers, air conditioning or fans. The MF420-IR-LC features an analogue signal output with 4 - 20 mA or 0. - 10 V for transmission according to the operator’s specifications in a downstream device.

LogiDataTech also offer the MF420-CO2 for cold storage applications operating at temperatures down to -25 ° C. TheMF420-IR-CO2-AL is a more robust version of the Air Quality Signal and features a traffic light indication of CO2 levels.

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