• Portable automated measuring system now MCERTs certified according toEN 15267-4
    HORIBA’s PG – 350 Portable Automated Measuring System

Air Monitoring

Portable automated measuring system now MCERTs certified according toEN 15267-4

Sep 07 2021

HORIBA’s Portable Automated Measuring System - PG-350 P-AMS offers a perfect solution for those who have to analyse in the field, but need the level of accuracy you would expect in a lab.

The PG-350 P-AMS achieves the same precision, response time and dependability as laboratory analysers in alight, portable and robust unit. This instrument has a shortened warm-up period, a high -visibility touch screen, and performs to a high level of precision when measuring crucial components in the field whilst having the durability toenable mobile measurement. HORIBA perceive PG-350 P-AMS to be the analyser system of the future.

This instrument is part of HORIBA’s PG-300 series. It was launched in July 2020 and was  successfully certified according to MCERTs as meeting the requirements of EN 15267 part 1, 2 and 4 for the periodic measurement ofstationary source emissions from stationary sources (QAL1).

The PG-350 P-AMS system consists of a probe, a heated line, a PSS-5H gas sampling system and the PG-350EU gas analyser. When all items are combined, the system attains the requirements EN 12567-4.

Based on the original rugged PG-300 design, the system is IP42 compliant in accordance to EN 60529, giving protection against dust and light rain, so it can be used in difficult measuring locations with no need for a separatewaterproof cover or bag. HORIBA managed to do this without increasing the weight of the parts or compromisingdesign and performance significantly.

The Standard Reference Method is Europe’s standard for periodic monitoring and for the calibration or control of Automatic Measuring Systems (AMS), permanently installed on a stack for regulatory or other purposes. The recognised technology for the SRM method for oxygen is paramagnetic (PMA), for nitrogen oxides ischemiluminescence (CLD) and for carbon monoxide it is Non-Dispersive Infrared absorption (NDIR). Enhancements in the sensitivity of the highly regarded HORIBA CLD detector technology made the realisation of the achieving the lowest certified NOx measuring range to date (102.5 mg.m-3 / 50 ppm) for portable analysers possible.

HORIBA’s PG-350EU has a highly visible and user-friendly LCD colour touch screen that make on-site  measurements easy and simple to read. Data is saved on a SD™ memory card for simple transfer to a PC orlaptop. The instrument includes a screen capture function which enables the requisite data  to be saved on the spot. An intuitive on-screen guidance function is available, for when the operator’s       manual is not at hand.

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