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Portable Air Quality Data Collection Meter Plus

Feb 19 2016

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions (USA), has fully redesigned its ground-­breaking AdvancedSense handheld environmental meter and now introduces the all-­new AdvancedSense Pro. Connect to GrayWolf’s broad range of probes, displaying and logging from one up to 32 parameters simultaneously. Measure your choice of TVOCs, Particulates, Air Velocity, Differential Pressure and specific gases (such as Carbon Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Ozone, CO, NO2, NH3, H2S, SO2, NO, Cl2, HCN, etc.). Documenting and reporting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Industrial Hygiene (IH), Facility Management (FM), Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and other environmental surveys has never been so efficient and reliable.

This highly innovative, rugged instrument incorporates an embedded Windows OS in order to provide a broad range of enhanced productivity tools. Building on 17 years of manufacturing instrument kits that interface sensors to mobile computers, and 7 years of manufacturing purpose-­built embedded computer environmental instruments, GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense Pro takes mobile computing to an entirely new level for measurement and reporting.

While maintaining the same form factor and connecting to the same time-­tested range of probes/sensors, almost everything else has been completely redesigned. The new embedded computer/circuitry has three times (800MHz) the processor speed. A higher resolution, larger 3.5” HVGA colour touch display, allows up to 11 readings to be shown simultaneously before cycling the display and enables crisper on-­board help videos. There is a built-­in camera. At the touch of the screen, add photos and/or videos directly to your data files while on­?site. This makes for highly efficient and more secure documentation of collected data – include photos in printed reports, embed videos in digital reports. There is now 32 GB of memory for data, audio, photo and video notes. You’ll never need even a fraction of that memory for logging of data (even if you wanted years of logging). In fact, the AdvancedSense Pro auto-­stores a secondary WolfSafe 15-?minute trend log file, just in case your operator somehow doesn’t establish your preferred long-­term log settings properly.

The WolfOS user interface is significantly improved with even easier access to GrayWolf’s very broad range of features. There is a highly intuitive WolfSense tiles-­style menu added to the existing menu structures. Voice or audible queues now confirm actions, such as instantaneous snap-­shot logs (i.e. “Snap-­Log Recorded”). Also, a smarter Notes interface, makes data documentation with text, audio, attached templates, drawings, etc. even easier and more reliable.

WiFi and Bluetooth communications are now standard (although the AdvancedSense Pro may be ordered without them for military and other security-­sensitive applications). A new WolfMail feature adds the option of sending data files (as .csv files with attached Notes) direct from the unit. And there is optional cloud data storage and remote access, and/or alert notifications via any internet connected device.

And there is more. “Live Update” notifications (and the update files) are now sent direct to the meter when available for on­?board information such as “Sensor Tips”, if there are new help videos or when other software improvements are released. Using WolfOS Scripts, advanced customers will soon be able to develop their own monitoring apps which run on the AdvancedSense Pro or on a Tablet PC. In addition, the AdvancedSense Pro has multi?language support including German/French/Spanish/Italian/ Portuguese and, soon, Chinese/Korean/Japanese.

When it comes to environmental measurements for applications such as indoor air quality assessment, worker exposure screening or general HVAC testing, appropriate sensor technology is crucial. Including optional built-­in sensors (auto-­zeroing differential pressure and barometric pressure) as many as 32 total sensors may be connected simultaneously to the AdvancedSense Pro.

Data and observations are both vital to reliably record in support of environmental surveys. The AdvancedSense Pro provides efficient, dependable documentation that enhances the familiar yet unique features that GrayWolf is known for, and that go beyond any other instruments on the market.

Versatile Logging: use the AdvancedSense Pro virtual keyboard to easily create descriptive data file names on-­site (e.g. “ABC Bldg/2nd Floor/Laboratory”). Log instantaneously, as a “snapshot”, “trend log” over time and/or set start/stop times for “Auto-­Logs”.

Annotation: text, audio, photo, video and other Notes are easily attached to data files on-site for highly efficient, secure documentation.

On-­?board Educational Info: gain access to useful information in-­?situ. Extensive info about each sensor/parameter (Basics, Typical Background Levels, Health Effects, Government Guidelines, etc.) is available simply by tapping on readings on the display. In addition, GrayWolf installs useful .pdfs such as the US OSHA’s 3430 IAQ GUIDE; or load your own documents for easy access in the field.

Reporting: once you’ve collected information in the field, WolfSense PC software (supplied as standard) enables simple download, analysis and report creation. Optional “Advanced Report Generator” software automates the entire reporting process.

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