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Portable Air Quality Data Display and Logging Meter

Sep 12 2016

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions of Shelton, CT, USA, introduces the new AdvancedSense BE, a rugged, simple-­to-­use, multi-­parameter environmental meter. This purpose-­built instrument is suited for both walk-­thru surveys and for trend-­logging over hours/days/weeks/months. Use it for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Industrial Hygiene (IH), Facility Management (FM), Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and other environmental applications. Displaying measurements, data capture, documenting of local conditions and report generation are all extremely efficient and reliable with this handheld monitor.

GrayWolf’s broad, expanding range of DirectSense probes connect to the AdvancedSense BE. Measure, display and log one or many parameters simultaneously including Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), Differential Pressure, Air Velocity, %RH, Temperature and/or specific gases (such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine, Hydrogen, etc.).

The AdvancedSense BE (Basic Edition) is a streamlined version of our extremely feature-­rich AdvancedSense Pro. It maintains the same robust form factor, while connecting to most of the same time-­tested range of probes/sensors. There is a highly intuitive WolfSense tiles-­style menu along with drop down and smart icon menu bars. Voice or tone queues confirm actions, such as instantaneous

snap-­shot logs (i.e. “Snap-­Log Recorded”). Also, an intuitive Notes interface, makes data documentation with text and audio easy and reliable.

Simple, Versatile Logging: Data files automatically rename from “Location1” to “Location2”, or “Atrium Test 6” to “Atrium Test 7”, etc. Alternatively, use the AdvancedSense BE virtual keyboard to easily create highly descriptive data file names on-­site (e.g. “ABC Building/2nd Floor/Janitor Room”). Log instantaneously, as a “snapshot” or as a “trend log” over time. In the back-­ground, WolfSafe™ is always recording any attached sensors, at 15 minute intervals (with time and date), into a “safe” file if the instrument is powered on for added insurance that data collection is performed.

Reliable, Efficient Annotation: Using the virtual keypad and the microphone, text and audio notes are easily attached to data files, on-­site, for highly effective, secure documentation.

On-­board Educational Info: GrayWolf pre-­installs training videos for in-­situ viewing, and you can upload your own. Useful .pdfs such as the “US OSHA’s 3430 IAQ GUIDE” are also pre-­loaded, and you can import your own relevant documents for easy operator access in the field.

Effortless Reporting: Once information has been collected in the field, WolfSense PC software (supplied as standard) enables easy download, analysis and report creation. Optional “Advanced Report Generator” software automates the entire reporting process.

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