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Gasmet In-situ

Feb 20 2008

TheGasmetâ„¢In Situ combines the benefits of in-situ design with the advanced measuring capabilities of an FTIR spectrometer. The Gasmet In-Situ analyser features a sample cell which is inserted into the stack or duct, heated steel mounting flange and a rugged interferometer unit in an IP65 enclosure that is directly attached to the flange. Gasmet In-
Situ can generate direct 4-20 mA outputs for the measurement results, or alternatively it can be connected to external PC for further data analysis and logging features.
The Gasmet In-Situ analyser offers a cost effective alternative for extractive systems in continuous emissions & process monitoring
applications where multiple components are to be measured.
Typically, concentrations of H2O, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, HCl, HF, NH3, CH4 are continuously monitored with a single Gasmet In-Situ. In addition, different VOC’s can bemeasured as individual compounds.
There is no need to do any span calibrations; just daily zero calibration with dry instrument air. By combining powerful FTIR technology with rugged in-stack measurement cell, the Gasmet In-Situ offers increased analytical capability and reduced cross interference effects when compared with other in-situ analysers.

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