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New Optical Based Dust Monitor

Oct 03 2008

Etr-Unidata (UK) is a specialist producer of continuous dust and
particulate monitoring instruments that use a variety of techniques
inducing laser based digital imagining, optical infrared back
scatter and tribo electric probe technologies.
With a strong focus on state-ofthe- art technologies the company
has recently launched several new instruments for a wide range of
industrial applications including the new MCERTS Approved Zeta 5000.
The new optical based Zeta 5000 is a revolutionary and patented concept in dust monitoring designed to provide a better and more accurate measurements in a wide range of process applications.
Unlike conventional optical based dust monitors the revolution Zeta
5000 has its transmitter and receiver units located on the stack at an
angle of 90 degrees to each other. The transmitter is designed to fire a
powerful large cone shaped projection of light into the centre of the
stack, the receiver then picks up the light reflected from the particulates.
This unique 90 degree configuration enables a much larger area of the
stack to be monitored for particulates then with more traditional probe or cross duct methods. This increased area could typically exceed 25% of
the total stack area compared with less then 1% for some other
common techniques.
Etr-Unidata has also just launched the Epsilon, which is the first
instrument ever to be able to give full duct coverage and also provide
information on the spatial distribution of particulates with in the duct.
The Epsilon is specifically design to measure the performance of filter
banks on the compressor inlets of gas turbine power stations.
All instruments are supported by Ert-Unidata`s recognised high level of
customer care and after sales service.

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