• Formaldehyde has Nowhere to Hide with Launch of New Monitor

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Formaldehyde has Nowhere to Hide with Launch of New Monitor

Apr 27 2012

With formaldehyde present in everything from paper, plywood, MDF, carpets, adhesives, cosmetics, personal care products, disinfectants and cigarette smoke, to name a few, it is impossible to completely eradicate exposure in everyday life. But now, thanks to the launch of Enviro Technology’s (UK) new ground-breaking Formaldehyde Monitor, businesses and industry can now accurately measure levels of this potentially lethal gas.

Formaldehyde can irritate eyes, mucous membranes and the upper respiratory system. Even in small amounts, it can cause serious health problems. Symptoms of low-level exposure include: sore throats, runny nose, headaches and nausea. More seriously, the problems associated with acute exposure include: abdominal pain, respiratory problems, pulmonary edema and it is reported to be potentially carcinogenic.

Widely used by industry to manufacture building materials, significant sources include pressed wood products (such as particle board, plywood panelling and medium density fibreboard used in furniture) made using adhesives that contain urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins.
There is no doubt that reducing levels of formaldehyde in the workplace and in new buildings can reduce risks to human health.

Air quality monitoring specialist, Enviro Technology, is now supplying the new GrayWolf Formaldehyde Monitor (FM-801) for the accurate measurement of formaldehyde levels in offices, buildings – including new builds, factories and industry plants.

The GrayWolf FM-801 is a portable, continuous measurement formaldehyde monitor which uses photoelectric photometry to read the absorbance change that formaldehyde induces in its sensor and then ‘re-zeroes’ between readings to enable continuous monitoring. It is also suitable for quick 30 minute spot checks.

In a nutshell, the monitor provides a fast, simple and accurate measurement of absorption of formaldehyde to indicate levels of the pollutant in the air.

The GrayWolf FM-801’s sensor cartridges are re-usable providing up to 1,000 tests per cartridge (at low formaldehyde levels) and the monitor is supplied with a mini tripod, 5 sensor cartridges, batteries, AC adapter, GrayWolf’s PC data transfer software ‘WolfSense’ on CDROM or USB, a USB cable and a hard shell case.
Other technical facts about the monitor include: Base unit can be used as independent, simple data-logger with data downloaded to GrayWolf’s WolfSense PC software, The FM-801 can also be interfaced to a GrayWolf AdvancedSense meter, WolfPack monitor or WolfSense enabled WIN7 Tablet/Notebook, FM-801 readings are simultaneous to readings from any other sensors connected to the notes to data files for efficient, reliable documentation of surveys and The measurement range is from <20ppb to 1ppm

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