• Crowcon Launches ‘Sensit by Crowcon’ Series of Air Quality Monitoring Products

Air Monitoring

Crowcon Launches ‘Sensit by Crowcon’ Series of Air Quality Monitoring Products

May 10 2022

Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd has launched ‘Sensit by Crowcon’, a new range of air quality monitors and the first step in Crowcon’s ongoing commitment to air quality moving forward.

Air quality has been a hot topic in recent years with increasing regulation on and awareness of the issues. WHO’s 2021 Global Air Quality Guidelines have prescribed new recommended levels of the most common air pollutants to be targeted whilst DEFRA’s 2019 Clean Air Strategy outlines the action to be taken to reduce emissions across industries to protect the environment and the nation’s health.

The Products

The Sensit by Crowcon RAMP is a low-cost and easy to deploy, multi-industry air monitoring solution. It measures PPB (Parts Per Billion) resolution for up to five pollutants including CO, NO, SO2, O2, NO2, SO2 as well as detection of PM2.5 and PM10. With features including its robust, yet lightweight design, weather resistant casing, long-life low-cost sensors and local or remote operation capabilities, the RAMP is a reliable solution to provide real-time insights into the air we breathe.

The Sensit by Crowcon SPOD provides real-time, direct-reading capabilities for localised emissions and reliable, connected detection for VOC measurement. The SPOD is ideal for implementation across the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries where VOC emissions are prevalent. With a small footprint it is ideal for near-fenceline applications and can be remotely operated for ease of use.

Air quality monitoring is a key element of the solution to the global issue of air quality, and Sensit by Crowcon’s reliable, low-cost and easy to use air quality monitors will provide you with the data and insights you need in order to take action to improve air quality.

A number of white papers have also been developed covering key topics in air quality including keeping communities safe and an overview of the most common air pollutants.

For more information about Sensit by Crowcon visit our website.

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