• Proven combustion analyser upgraded to include refrigerant leak detection

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Proven combustion analyser upgraded to include refrigerant leak detection

Nov 13 2023

Crowcon recently announced an additional capability of refrigerant leak detection to their Sprint Pro Combustion Analyzer’s already considerable capabilities. Sprint Pro is a multi-function combustion analyser widely used for determining CO/CO2/NOx ratios. This innovation eliminates the necessity to carry and operate a separate, standalone leak detector, increasing workflow efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Operators can now save time and money while obtaining superior leak detection data.

The Sprint Pro Refrigerant Leak Probe has been developed to meet the stringent standards set by HVAC/R professionals who require a high level of precision and efficiency in their leak detection processes. This upgrade improves the versatility of Sprint Pro models 2-6* thanks to a highly convenient DC Jack connection, enabling tailored customisation to meet end users’ specific needs.

The device is an all-in-one solution that combines combustion analysis with refrigerant leak detection, providing a complete solution for operators’ HVAC and refrigeration needs in a single unit. It detects all ubiquitous refrigerant gases ensuring it is catering to a wide range of applications. The Sprint Pro features a flexible goose-neck with LED Searchlight: Its flexible goose-neck design enables users to easily access and inspect poorly lit and hard-to-reach areas. The device integrates seamlessly with the Sprint-Pro system, providing both optical and audible alarms for immediate alerts. With its outstanding sensitivity level of less than 5 grams per annum (g/annum) for leak rates, this probe can be relied on to pinpoint even the smallest refrigerant leaks with precision.

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