• A novel methane optical gas imager for increased site safety and emission mitigation

Air Monitoring

A novel methane optical gas imager for increased site safety and emission mitigation

Apr 11 2023

CI Systems recently introduced MetCam, a state-of-the-art Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) that utilises Quantifying Optical Gas Imaging (QOGI) technology. MetCam is a fully integrated autonomous system designed for detecting, monitoring, and quantifying natural gas leaks, and is available for installation in hazardous locations (Zone 1, Class I Div. 1).

MetCam's innovative technology provides continuous monitoring of gas leaks and alerts users to the presence of hazardous clouds in real-time. With its ability to cover a large volume and detect even the smallest gas leaks, MetCam enables effective preventative maintenance operations to be conducted, minimizing the risk of safety incidents and environmental impact. The system utilizes advanced algorithms to minimise false alarms and operates reliably in demanding environments, ensuring accurate and reliable gas detection results.

MetCam is designed for installation in a wide range of natural gas facilities, including compression stations, natural gas skids, LNG gasification/liquefaction facilities, fueling stations, and offshore applications. The system provides both visual and infrared video streams that can be displayed in the control room using the standard ONVIF interface, allowing for easy integration into existing monitoring systems. Additionally, MetCam offers industry-standard 4-20 mA output, enabling seamless integration into existing alarm systems for efficient and effective gas leak detection.

One of the key advantages of MetCam is its reliability and maintenance-free operation. The system only requires periodic external cleaning to ensure peak performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs for operators. With its advanced technology and innovative features, MetCam is set to become the go-to device for natural gas facilities looking to improve site safety, reduce fugitive emissions, and optimise their operations.

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