• Casella ETI Awarded MCERTS Approval for Multi-Gas Analyser

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Casella ETI Awarded MCERTS Approval for Multi-Gas Analyser

Jan 01 2000

Casella ETI (UK) is proud to announce that the MCA04, has successfully attained mCERTS approval. The MCA04 is a non dispersive infra-red (NDIR) photometer suited to monitor process emissions from exhaust flues and can also be used as a process control analyser.

The MCAO4 has the capacity to monitor up to eight gas components with a maximum of seven infra-red active gases (CO, NO, SO2, HCl, NH3, H2O, CO2) and O2 (measured using a Zirconium Oxide cell). Total Organic Compounds (VOCs) can also be monitored with an optional flame ionisation detector.

The MCA04 Multi-Gas Analyser is designed to measure gas samples as ‘Hot / Wet’, avoiding the use of high maintenance sample drying components.
The system extracts a sample of the flue gas from the stack, via a heated sample line to the analyser, and continues to analyse the sample
at 185ºC, ensuring that it remains above the sample dew point. At the heart of the analyser is the optical bench which has been orientated
to prevent excessive wear on gold plated mirrors as found with other emission systems and also has no complicated line up procedures.
The 19” rack mounted photometer, is ideally suited for “hot swapping” which helps with compliance to the operational downtime guidelines as set down in the Waste Incineration Directive (WID).

The measured concentrations of each gas, as well as status and operational messages, are displayed on the front panel of the MCA04
analyser module. All adjustments to the analyser can be made on the keyboard next to the LCD display. Remote diagnostics and adjustments
are also available via an integrated modem, thus ensuring a rapid response to any queries by the Casella ETi Service Engineering team.
The MCA04 Multi-Gas Analyser offers users cost effective, high quality German manufacture, with excellent attention to detail, but without the price tag. The proven MCA04 photometer technology ensures high reliability and long, uninterrupted operation with minimal
maintenance requirements.

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