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Casella Family of Air Sampling Pumps

Jul 11 2023

Casella is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of occupational hygiene and environmental monitoring equipment. For over 200 years, Casella continue to provide innovative solutions that help improve health in the workplace & the community

Casella offers a range of air sampling pumps, ideal for measuring exposure to dust and vapours. From low, to medium and high flow air sampling pumps, Casella pumps are well-known for their reliability, accuracy, and user-friendly features.

Stay connected with the airwave app, Casella’s range of air sampling pumps utilise the latest  technology to enable remote monitoring with a tablet or mobile phone  via the airwave app. The airwave app allows accessor to Start/Stop and Pause your instrument and view real time data using Bluetooth® connectivity. You can also email the data, alongside notes and photographs to your laptop for easier reporting.

Casella’s wearable pumps have a slim, ergonomic design, the pump is less obtrusive to the wearer, allowing them to carry on with their job whilst being monitored. The Apex2 medium-flow sampling pump features a sturdy clip with a lifetime guarantee, it’s secure and the detachable rubber boot guards against knocks. Ingress resistant to IP65 means that you can use it in the harshest environments and its smooth finish means it’s easy to decontaminate

Casella features that have been enabled through technology advancements include:

Constant Flow Control - Pumps have a control system in their circuitry to maintain the flow rate which must be within ±5% of the initial set flow rate. So, if there is a change in back pressure, the motor works harder to maintain the flow rate. A constant flow ensures confidence in the total volume of air drawn through the pump and in the subsequent exposure calculations.

Motion sensing - For bodily worn pumps, they record the percentage of time that the pump has been active thus supporting wearer compliance, improving the chance of a successful sample.

Connectivity - With the aid of a bespoke smartphone app, pumps can be interrogated remotely without disturbing the wearer, again improving the chance of a successful outcome.

With different features available depending on your requirements, protect your workers from airborne contaminants that can be damaging to health, here are some key features and capabilities of Casella range of air sampling pumps:

VAPex – Low Flow Air Sampling Pump:

  • Ideal for sampling of vapours and gases
  • 20mL to 500mL/min wide flow range
  • Pocket size form factor, weighing just 220 grams
  • Large buttons with lockable keypad

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Apex2 – Personal Air Sampling Pump:

  • Ideal for dust sampling
  • Optimized at around 2l/min
  • 1L/min to 5L/min
  • Up to 35 hours battery life
  • Easy to use interface with LED displays

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Vortex3 – High Flow Air Sampling Pump:

  • Ideal for sampling asbestos and large areas
  • 5L/min to 12L/min
  • Case finish enables easy decontamination
  • Interlocking mechanism enables multiple pumps to be carried at once

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