• New gas cooler solves the costly problems of excessive heat in gas conditioning units

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New gas cooler solves the costly problems of excessive heat in gas conditioning units

May 28 2020

The removal of moisture is an essential step for extractive sample gas conditioning systems. However, this process generates problematic, excessive heat inside the cabinets and thus very often requires a costly solution such as air conditioning to reduce the temperature.

The new TC- kit (+)  gas cooler series from Bühler Technologies eliminates this problem. Peltier elements used as a temperature transmitter are the middle part of a sandwich consisting of a heat sink with integrated fan forming the outer part and a cooling block with exchangeable heat exchangers and the attached electrical terminals as the inner part. For the installation a cut out has to be made at the appropriate side wall of the cabinet.

With the heat sink geometrically counter-balancing the internal parts, the unit slides into the cut out and is finally attached to the outside wall of the cabinet and sealed by a gasket. The electrical leads and the sample gas lines are kept inside the cabinet whereas the thermal load is dissipated to the exterior keeping the inside of the cabinet considerably cooler.

The TC Kit (+) requires  24VDC as power supply. As an option an extension unit for 115/ 230V AC supply is available and will be attached directly to the main unit. This extension also provides all necessary connections to auxiliary units such as sample gas and condensate pumps as well as moisture detectors and heated sample lines.

The operational parameters and alarm settings are programmable by a remote controller with a digital display. This controller can be installed at the most convenient location within the conditioning cabinet. The TC Kit+ version also has special heat exchangers with minimised wash out effect as required by EN 15267-4 and therefore suitable for automated emission monitoring (AMS) systems. The protection class of the mounted unit is IP 54.

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