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Gas Analyser Designed for Crematoriums

Mar 26 2015

The BA2000-CREM, from Bühler (Germany), is a closed-coupled extractive Gas Analyser designed for use in crematorium systems using the platform of the existing BA2000 Oxygen Flue GasAnalyser. 

The BA2000 is designed to allow for the immediate measurement of Oxygen levels in combustion processes, achieving its quick response times due to its closed-coupled design, fast response sensor and the fact that it can be installed at very high temperatures within the combustion system's fire box (i.e. the post combustion chamber). The main advantage of this is that the analyser provides “real time” signal output to the process control system via the 4-20 mA output which is also displayed on the attached controller.

The traditional problem with these type of analysers for crematoria is that analysers usually require an
expensive, clean and dry compressed air supply to function correctly. The nature of a crematorium
installation means that these conditions can rarely be fulfilled and, as such, a new type of in-situ analyser is required; one which can function efficiently and cost effectively without the need for a compressed air

Instead of using compressed air, the BA2000-CREM uses an on-board sample extraction system, negating the air supply problems which plague other analysers. Having extracted the gas sample, the BA2000-CREM analyses the Oxygen concentration using a fast response zirconia oxide (ZrO ) measurement cell.

Figure 2 shows an example crematorium system and where the BA2000-CREM could be installed within it. Most crematorium systems use a primary chamber and a post combustion chamber, the primary chamber being used for the cremation while the post combustion chamber is used to remove certain polluting chemicals from the primary chamber's emission (usually via oxidisation). The resulting gas stream is then put through several other processes before being released into the atmosphere, now free from polluting elements and particulates. The BA2000-CREM is usually installed within the post combustion chamber and used to monitor the combustion process Oxygen content to make sure that the crematoria is working at optimum efficiency.

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