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  • Beijing air pollution complaints doubled
    China's air pollution has gotten worse in recent years

Beijing air pollution complaints doubled

Jun 17 2014 Read 6065 Times

Air pollution complaints in Beijing, China doubled during the first five months of the year, according to the city's environment authority. The increase in complaints regarding air quality in the city suggests that public anger within China, concerning the large cost of the nation's fast economic growth, is rising. 

On Friday, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Bureau announced that from January to May this year, a total of 12,599 complaints regarding air quality in the city were lodged by members of the public. This is a rise of 124 per cent compared to the same period last year, showing that residents are now more likely to express their anger over the environmental damage being done by Chinese industry.

The city of Beijing is regularly clouded by heavy smog as a result of heating, power plants and factories. As a result, it was named as the front line in the "war against pollution" by Premier Li Keqiang in March. The city has regularly been pictured on world news to illustrate the extent of China's air pollution problems. As a result, there has been growing discontent amongst the Chinese public over the damage done to air water and soil by industry.

According to the environment bureau, smog caused by particulate pollution was the cause of 72.6 per cent of complaints regarding the environment between January and May. This is despite the government taking steps to reduce the severity of the country's air pollution.

In a bid to show that the government is onside with those affected by smog and poor air quality, leaders have implemented several schemes to offer support. As well as working to reduce pollution from industry and road traffic, task forces, hotlines and rapid response teams have been created. Leaders are also asking the public to get involved with campaigns against companies that violate environmental laws. 

The Beijing environmental bureau also made a second announcement, stating that this month has seen around 114 companies punished for violations of environmental law. This follows a week-long campaign that targeted firms in the car manufacturing, catering and car repair sectors.

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