• Key Deal Landed with Worldwide Manufacturer

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Key Deal Landed with Worldwide Manufacturer

Apr 12 2013

Air Spectrum Environmental Limited (UK) now provides a complete range of olfactometry products after agreeing an exclusive deal with the world’s premier manufacturer of odour sampling and analysis equipment.

The Midlands-based odour-control experts have landed the UK and Ireland ownership and distribution rights for IDES Canada Inc’s Scentroid products, which ranges from an ultra-portable in-field device to a fully-automated state-of-the-art odour laboratory.

Air Spectrum already offer a comprehensive site odour assessment service, olfactometric sampling and analysis and bio aerosol monitoring, which is complimented by extensive odour dispersion modelling and odour management planning.

However, having agreed the deal to add the Scentroid range of products to their wide portfolio of odour monitoring provisions, Air Spectrum truly offer the complete package to customers.

Pete Badham, Air Spectrum’s Research and Development manager, said: “This exclusive agreement gives us more tools in our toolbox to provide a more relative response to smell, making it a measurable quality, which some others don’t offer.

“It is very important for us as it gives us a baseline to work from and we can return to a site a month later and see straight away if there have been any changes.

“Because it is a repeatable, measurable quality, you can easily monitor if there have been improvements or deteriorations at the site.

“The technology is relevant to a wide range of customers – we’ve already had enquiries ranging from anaerobic digestion companies to agricultural sites.”

Badham added: “There is only one other UK competitor product and that is quite basic in comparison to what we are offering - the accuracy we can provide is much better.

“Our equipment also reduces the amount of lab time needed to analyse a sample. An operator can now go along and take a direct sample from wherever necessary – be that a stack or across an ambient or contained area – and they will get a repeatable measurement without the need for sending samples off to a lab for analysis.

“The whole process of sending a sample to a lab for analysis will cost a couple of thousand pounds, whereas once you have bought this equipment, the only consumable is the air that is needed for the tank and the carbon filters which will need changing ever six months of so.

“It’s a very simple bit of kit, but the things that holds it in good stead is that it is almost at lab-level specification. We can go in and do the analysis for a client or we can sell them the equipment so they can do it themselves.”

The IDES Scentroid range that Air Spectrum will be utilising also include in-field data management systems, flux chambers, vacuum samplers, Teflon/Tedlar/stainless steel sample bags and automatic heated purgers.

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