• New Flue Gas Analyser for Oil, Gas and Pellet Heating Systems

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New Flue Gas Analyser for Oil, Gas and Pellet Heating Systems

Oct 02 2015

The new AFRISO EUROLYZER (Germany) STx flue gas analyser is designed for measuring small and medium-sized oil, gas and pellets fired heating systems and modulating CHP systems as well as for checking gas fired systems for CO leaks. The new EUROLYZER STx already uses the latest generation of O2 measuring cells (ECO sensors) on the market. ECO sensors excel with very short calibration and response times, are resistant to biogenous fuels and have a long service life.           

The measuring instrument can be equipped with up to the measuring cells (O2, COH2, NO) and can be used for flue gas analysis, (differential) pressure measurement and (differential) temperature measurement. The device features colour-coded menus (green/flue gas, blue/temperature, yellow/pressure) and a touchpad for maximum ease of use. Depending on the optional equipment and configuration, the device can log all measurement data, perform Pitot measurements and measure and display the following parameters: gas analysis (O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx), temperature/pressure measurement, differential pressure, draft, efficiency, excess air and automatic pressure drop.

Data is transmitted via Bluetooth Smart and USB interfaces. Bluetooth Smart is also used for communication with the pressure and temperature probes. A standard microSDHC card allows for system-independent data storage. An infrared interface for the EuroPrinter lets the user create printed records of the measurement directly at the customer's site. All measurement logs can be archived as HTML files without any additional software and opened with a Web browser. It is also possible to convert the measurement logs to QR codes so that they can be scanned by smartphones and transferred to management software. In conjunction with the iOS and Android app EuroSoft mobile, the unit offers numerous functions such as live visualisation of measured value as a line chart for modern data communication. The new all-rounder EUROLYZER STx is approved as per German BImSchV, KÜO (TÜV By RgG 190) and as per DIN EN 50379-2; it is available in three different sets.

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