• New Level Indicator for Continuous Level Measurement


New Level Indicator for Continuous Level Measurement

Jul 12 2015

The new AFRISO (Germany) TankControl 10 level indicator is designed for continuous level measurement in water, fuel oil and diesel tanks, and with liquid levels from 1 to up to 4 m. The level indicator consists of a control unit with a graphical display and a submersible probe with pressure measuring cell. The level is measured, stored and converted on a daily basis. This allows for monitoring current consumption values and evaluating consumption behaviour over the last 5 years. The archived data give the user the opportunity to respond acyclically to fuel price fluctuations and refuel when prices are falling. The high-resolution graphical display shows the consumption, the current volume of liquid in the tank (litres, m³, % or liquid level), the last re-fuelling date and and how long the remaining supplies are likely to last. 

In conjunction with an optional second submersible probe, the system can also be used in communicating tanks (for example, in battery tanks). If an adjustable level difference between probe 1 and probe 2 is exceeded, the system triggers an alarm to help avoid inadvertent overfilling of a tank. When the level falls below or exceeds an adjustable minimum or maximum value, the control unit triggers visual and audible alarms (must be acknowledged). Commissioning is fast and easy since the system is operated via clear menus and standard tank shapes are stored in the device. The control unit can be mounted at a distance of up to 15 m away from the tank; it is supplied with AC 230 V. Two relays are provided to transmit the signals to level controllers or additional alarm equipment such as the AFRISO EMS 220/442 event reporting systems or for integration into building control systems.

For additional minimum/maximum or backflow alarms, for example in rainwater harvesting systems, you can also connect a floating probe. The new hydrostatic level indicator is suitable for fuel oil EL, L, diesel fuel, FAME 100 % as biodiesel (EN 14214), water (no drinking water) and similar liquids; it can be used in flood hazard areas.

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