• Unique drone-based solution for faster and more accurate natural gas leaks and greenhouse gas emissions

Air Monitoring

Unique drone-based solution for faster and more accurate natural gas leaks and greenhouse gas emissions

Jan 21 2022

ABB’s HoverGuard™ is the fastest, and most sensitive unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based solution to detect, map and quantify natural gas emissions in the world.

Millions of kilometres of pipelines traverse the planet, often crossing some of the inhospitable landscapes to provide industrial and domestic gas users. Operators of these networks must ensure that the pipelines are reliable and safe, but detection of odourless and invisible gas leaks is often both very difficult and costly. However, the latest addition to ABB’s Ability™ Mobile Gas Leak Detection System, the HoverGuard™, locates leaks quicker and more reliably than has ever been achieved before.

This cutting-edge device detects, quantifies and maps leaks up to 100 meters, or 328 feet, from natural gas distribution and transmission pipelines, gathering lines, storage facilities, and other possible sources rapidly, reliably and safely. The HoverGuard automatically generates comprehensive digital reports that summarise results and can be shared within minutes of a survey being carried out.

The HoverGuard features patented cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy which detects methane with a sensitivity of over 1,000 times higher than most other leak detection instruments. It can at speeds in excess of 88 km/h, or 55 mph, therefore covering 10-15 times more land area per minute when operating on low-cost commercial UAVs.

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