• Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems Sets the Standard to Meet New EU Challenges

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Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems Sets the Standard to Meet New EU Challenges

Jan 16 2013

a1-cbiss in partnership with Environnment SA supply a complete range of exhaust gas analysis rack analysers with technical specifications and performance that has set new standards to meet the ever increasing challenges of lower emission limits and improved flexibility.

We can offer a tailored solution with full turnkey capabilities depending on your requirements, to continuously and simultaneously analyse raw gases (EGR), pre and/or post catalyst or on diluted gases (CVS).

These exhaust gas are available individually as a 19” rack analyser or as part of a complete turnkey multi-gas cabinet that integrates the Graphite 52M (a heated FID for THC or CH4, the Topaze 32M (a heated CLD for NO and NOx), the MIR 2M (NDIR and paramagnetic technology for CO/CO2/O2). The Beryl 92M (FTUV technology) can be added to the system cabinet for measuring Ammonia.

The Emissions Gas Analysis system (EGAS 2M) is the turnkey multi-gas cabinet that benefits from leading edge metrology and a new modular design that offers reduced and simplified maintenance. The EGAS is packed with features and designed to measure all emissions from all combustion engines regardless of fuel type.

The EGAS is equipped with a separate mobile sampling trolley (the MICA 2M) with built-in sample pump used for pumping and conditioning the raw exhaust gas and EGR from the engine to the testing cabinet and analysers.

In DeNOx systems utilising urea injection with ammonia (NH3) as a reducing agent, the flow rate and control of NH3 must be continuously adjusted and controlled to prevent excess NH3 emissions (slip), to reduce environmental impact and cost of reagents.

To optimise this process, the DeNOx system, a heated turnkey gas analysis system, is required for fast, continuous and simultaneous measurements of NH3 and NOx in engines where Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) or Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) has been implemented.

We expect the exhaust gas systems to be used by Regulatory agencies, engine manufacturers and testing companies in every industry: automotive, aviation, marine, rail transport, heavy-duty on/off-road, recreational and utility vehicles.

The EGAS system has been designed with ease and functionality in mind; the front access panels ensure remote control of the system and its adjoining components. Additionally, the EGAS features user-friendly networking technology for analyser control & host interface.

Advanced electronics along with remote maintenance function via the easy to use CONTACTTM software that provides full management of all functions displayed via charts, graphics and view meter displays. Modem/Ethernet communication allows powerful remote troubleshooting as well as networking capabilities.

Offering raw or dilute analysis, the EGAS system unique measurement levels combined with high quality components and design technology ensure complete legislation compliance to EURO V and EURO VI.

a1-cbiss in-house engineering & service solutions project team deliver complete turnkey solutions and market leading technical & legislative consultancy.

Using our expert engineering knowledge, we provide project design, equipment specification and system integration. Our 15 man strong service and maintenance team with specialist industry experience, installs, calibrates, commissions and services your system.

For more information visit www.a1-cbiss.com

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