• A tailored solution to take the stress out of gas detection and emission monitoring

Air Monitoring

A tailored solution to take the stress out of gas detection and emission monitoring

Jul 20 2020

a1-cbiss (Custom Built Intelligent Sampling Systems), is widely respected as a leading complete solution company for gas detection and CEMS. They do not simply provide off the shelf products they also design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke gas monitoring solutions. As a systems integrator, their portfolio of products, combined with years of knowledge and expertise means a1cbiss are able to offer a wide range of engineered solutions. 

a1cbiss are a dedicated team of technical salespeople and engineers that recommend, supply and install a range of emissions monitoring systems, gas detection, gas sampling, and personal safety products.

To effectively manage your workers exposure from harmful gases and facilities safe, it is important to have a gas detection system installed. Like most businesses, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the wide range of gas detectors and sensors available. In a market where every manufacturer promises safety and reliability, it is important to know what to look for in a gas detection system that is suitable for your business.  

Be sure to research which gases and the potential concentration levels your site or people are likely to be exposed to. You can find this in an MSDS or risk assessment.  There are different types of technology that will detect gases. You need to find the technology that offers the best performance, accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for your process.   

Gas detection equipment will be affected by the environmental conditions it is subjected to. For example, a wastewater treatment plant will be affected by seasonal temperatures, humidity, and the change of wind direction. Therefore, the location and sensor technology all have a direct bearing on the type of equipment required.  

You may need to know what the process temperature is, whether it’s dusty, the humidity or is it potentially an explosive atmosphere? Once you start building a profile of your environment, you can compare the durability of the potential gas sensors.  

In addition, don’t forget to verify that your detection system will detect the specific gases it is designed for. Unfortunately, many sensors can cross-detect different gases and could cause confusion with gas measurements. Minimise any unnecessary headaches by ensuring your gas sensors are calibrated to properly detect the target gases.  

You also need to ask: do the individual gas sensors require a direct reading display to show workers a live gas concentration or will these be connected to a complete system? Once an alarm level is breached, does the system provide the right output capabilities to warn your employees of imminent danger or activate perhaps the ventilation system? 

At the end of the day, the most essential feature of a gas detection system is to keep you and your workers safe. a1-cbiss highly recommend that a site survey is carried out to establish the conditions of the process. This should ascertain whether there is a constant risk of gas or it’s intermittent because of the process, how many people are likely to be working in the facility, could there be the potential for an increase in volume of gas, leak source locations, suitable gas sensor placement, number of sensors needed, whether gas conditioning is required, system outputs – alarm types, activation of ventilation systems, how you want to record data, any obstructions that could hinder the installation and service and calibration considerations.  

Another option would be to leave all of this stress to a1cbiss and contact their engineers to book a site survey! If searching for the right gas detection system for your business, they have access to products from many gas detection manufacturers to be able to provide a solution that is most practical for any criteria.  

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