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PFASs (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) are a class of almost 10.000 organofluorines. These man-made compounds - also designated «forever chemicals» – are highly persistent and at least some of them tend to accumulate and biomagnify in the environment. For that reason, more and more of these compounds are declared toxic as they pose a risk to human and environmental health. In a joint eLearning session, Theresa Steurer and Iris Reber from Metrohm International Headquarters,...

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At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Professor Ronald Cohen of University of California, Berkley, gave a 25-minute presentation on a new methodology for mapping and modelling ambient air in urban environments, the BEACO2N. Professor Cohen discusses:  How the BEACO2N system works Recent data from BEACO2N The utility of BEACO2N for understanding the urban environment How BEACO2N might be used to design and assess reduction strategies

View 13:40:00 13 Oct 2021

At our annual Air Quality and Emissions event, Dr. Justine Bejta, Head of Science at the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU), presented data on the outcomes of recent government interventions in areas with high levels of NO2 pollution. In her 15-minute presentation, Dr. Bejta discusses: The origins and aims of the Joint Air Quality Unit Various strategies employed by the Joint Air Quality Unit How JAQU designs bespoke interventions Difficulties of implementation The intr...

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At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Professor Rob Kinnersley of the Environment Agency gave a 20-minute presentation on the ongoing strategic review of the United Kingdom’s air monitoring networks. Professor Kinnersley discusses: What the Strategic Review is investigating How the Review aims to improve the quality of the networks’ data The conclusions and recommendations of Phase 1 of the Review What the future holds for national monitoring networks

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At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Andrew Taylor of Scotswolds Ltd. gave a 20-minute presentation on the origins and focus of the Scottish government’s new air quality programme. Mr. Taylor gives insight into: The primary themes of Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 Why the programme is unique in Europe Problems that Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 may face The ways in which the programme improves upon its predecessor Coordination strategies necessary to meet the proposed t...

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At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Professor Paul Linden of the University of Cambridge discussed recent research into the relationship between the transmission of COVID-19 and indoor air quality. Professor Linden’s 15-minute talk addresses: Contemporary modelling of airborne transmission in epidemiology The ratio between number of occupants and infection Managing the likelihood of secondary infections The nature of seasonal variation in transmission How schools...

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At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Professor Sani Dimitroulopoulou presents data gathered by Public Health England on the relationship between indoor air quality and health. Professor Dimitroulopoulou’s 20-minute talk addresses: The main sources of dangerous indoor air pollution Common health effects of indoor air pollution Methods for mitigating the impact of pollutants The updating of Public Health England’s guidelines on indoor air quality What to measure a...

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At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Professor Nicola Carslaw gave a 20-minute presentation on the story of INDAIRPOLLNET so far and the fascinating prospects for its future. Professor Carlsaw addresses: How INDAIRPOLLNET is developing our understanding of indoor air pollution The next generation of air quality specialists that the Network trains What the business community needs to improve indoor air quality The latest insights into indoor air pollution produced by...

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Precision, accuracy and robustness are key words and essential parameters to determine the effectiveness of any analytical application. Surveyors, refinery, and QC labs must determine the Nitrogen and Sulfur content with fewer personnel while the number of samples keep increasing and the time to report is under pressure. Moreover, all these analyses must be done in compliance with a variety of test methods, such as the ASTM D5453, ASTMD4629 and ASTM D6667. All these factors are pressing on...

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Stephen B. Harrison talks to Andres Saldivia business development manager at Hysytech to discuss hydrogen generation from natural gas or biomethane. Stephen's questions include: What purity in hydrogen are you able to achieve? Can this gas be used directly in fuel cells? Natural gas used, does this need to be high pressure or from the normal grid? Is the result a "green element"?  

View 14:00:00 09 Mar 2021

Stephen Harrison talks to an independent consultant from XTH energy about the decarbonisation in the cement making process. They talk about CO2 capture, and how its impacting the cement industry. Projects around europe are discussed and more details are provided by Xavier d'Hubert on the current progress.

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Digital Edition

International Environmental Technology 32.3 - May/June 2022

June 2022

In This Edition ICMGP Preview - ICMGP 2022 mercury conference will be ‘virtual’ - Mercury – a persistent challenge Water / Wastewater - AI supports flow measurements - Emerging...

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