Advances in Urban Air Monitoring


Imperial College London

Date: 13:40:00 - Oct 14 2021
Speakers: Dr. David Green
Moderators: Jim Mills

At our recent Air Quality and Emissions event, Dr. David Green gave a 20-minute presentation on the origins of and initial reports from the United Kingdom’s network of state-of-the-art air monitoring stations, or ‘supersites’.

Dr. Green explains:

  • Where ‘supersites’ came from and what they do
  • All of the epidemiological applications of supersite data
  • How supersite data clarifies the sources of air pollution
  • The utility of source-apportionment methodologies to interpret supersite data
  • How local authorities might benefit from supersite research

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Dr. David Green
Dr. David Green (Imperial College)

Dr. David Green is a Senior Research Fellow in the Environmental Research Group where he leads the Aerosol Science Team. Dr. Green's work focusses on the measurement of particles and gases, and their use in source apportionment and health studies, to improve our understanding in both the urban and global environment.


Jim Mills
Jim Mills (Scotswolds, Ltd.)

Jim Mills is the Managing Director of Scotswolds, Ltd., a consultancy specialising in air monitoring technology. Educated in Scotland, with a focus on chemistry, Jim is a regular speaker at national and international conferences on air quality, has co-authored papers on air quality monitoring and has provided technical expertise to support news and documentary programmes.

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