Being everywhere at once! - How IoT can help you unlock your water data


Date: 09:00:00 - Nov 21 2018
Speakers: Paul Sanders

Whatever your requirement is with regards to monitoring your water data it is undoubtedly true to say the quicker that you receive the data back the more efficient and effective you can be at responding to it in the right location. With potentially vast pipework networks in place its often the case that you can only react when there is already an issue, not proactively to prevent potentially unacceptable levels of change.

The movement of the 'Internet of Things' seeks to change this by monitoring your water remotely and often in inhospitable or remote locations in real time. 'The internet of things' connects your sensors or machinery via physical devices that store and capture data and then transfer that data directly to the internet for you to use. Using the 'Internet of things' can mobilise your workforce to respond to the most critical elements occurring in your networks or simply understand better what happens and where.

There is a whole new landscape opening up with IoT systems and solutions that are 'turning on' organisations with easy to access, commercially accessible and powerful data. This data is no longer closed to client-based pieces of software, it is open and can be blended with multiple data streams. This is then where analytics and actionable insights step in, this is where business can operate more efficiently and create revenue streams or cost savings that were never previously possible or even known about.

As the data starts to arrive and be viewed, different thought processes and ideas will be triggered, this can be both a positive and negative addition to the IoT journey, the key point is you can change direction easily and cost effectively.

You will never know what other directions you may travel in when the data starts coming in. However, it is coming in and the correct use of data is arguably the single most powerful tool to ensuring that an organisation has the ability to streamline its processes and work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

So, what is the art of the possible? Whether it's the physical structure of the pipeline, pumping station machinery, or what's going on inside the pipe with the fluids gases or solids, we can monitor it remotely. IoT solutions can be used to remotely monitor aspects such as corrosion, vibration, pressure, flow, temperature, humidity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorine content, Ph, ammonia or power to name just a few. IoT solutions can give you that light touch, flexible and powerful ability to improve your organisational landscape, expediating your ability to deliver on your strategies, SLA's and growth plans by giving you the knowledge that is key to doing so.

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Paul Sanders
Paul Sanders (Caption Data Ltd)

Paul has over 25 years experience in data acquisition and monitoring systems. Paul was a founding Director of Caption Data who have specialised in m2m and IoT solutions for industry. Over nine years Caption Data have deployed over 4000 systems in over 11 countries to a wide variety of sectors. Current focus is on working closely with major blue chip companies on scaling up with their IoT strategies and solutions.


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