• TE Instruments Presents the XPERTin TOC and TNbanalysis of (waste) waters


TE Instruments Presents the XPERTin TOC and TNbanalysis of (waste) waters

Sep 06 2018

Monitoring the amount of organic substances in (waste) water is important in most industrial plants for several reasons. The discharge of water is regulated stringently by environmental protection agencies. Substances of organic matter which are present in these effluents are potentially harmful. In many cases, sum parameters of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) are required to be analyzed. These parameters are also monitored during process control to ensure the removal of organic matter has been successful.

TE InstrumentsXPERT-TOC/TNb analyser is the perfect solution to cover these applications simultaneously, fully compliant with international test methods like EN 1484 and ISO 8245.

Decades of experience have been deployed to create this new analyser which represents the ultimate combination of robustness, accurate sample analysis and user convenience. The XPERT enables its users to analyse Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total bound Nitrogen (TNb) simultaneously, within a few minutes, from a single injection.

Fully equipped: all-in-one Footprint

• TE Instruments designed the XPERT in a unique way, integrating both detectors and liquids auto sampler into the footprint of the analyzer.

• The liquids auto sampler and stirrer function for all sample positions are by default included. Particle-containing (waste)water samples (<0.8 mm) are automatically homogenized, picked-up and measured. No additional options or modifications required.

• The integrated auto sampler injects the sample directly into the septum-less introduction port. While sampling, none of the valves contacts the actual sample at any given time, eliminating any potential carry-over. Funnel-Tec™ transfers the complete sample to the hot zone of the furnace, minimizing memory effect.

• The ProCAT™ combustion tube guarantees optimal temperature distribution and protects the catalyst at the same time. This results in an extended lifespan of the catalyst material, complete sample oxidation, and extremely accurate results.

Contact TE Instruments (sales@teinstruments.com) for more information about the XPERT-TOC/TNbor visit booth 724 at the Gulf Coast Conference 2018 in Conroe, TX (USA).

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