• New sensor technology provides on-site laboratory standard turbidity measurement


New sensor technology provides on-site laboratory standard turbidity measurement

Mar 23 2022

Lovibond’s new, patented Multipath 90° BLAC® sensor technology is enabling the Lovibond TB350 turbidimeter to provide end-users with unprecedented levels of versatility and precision in a portable unit. The TB350 provides unsurpassed precision in the lowest turbidity range from 0.01 NTU and maintains the exceptional level of performance in the highest turbidity range up to 4,000 NTU and complies with ISO 7027 and US EPA (pending) regulations and standards.

The TB350’s new optical system operates using the nephelometric measuring principle thanks to two ingeniously positioned 90° detectors. Two different path lengths of the incident light beam run through the sample and, with the data obtained from the scattered light signals, various particle sizes and shapes are analysed precisely, even if the particle size distribution deviates from the calibration standard. Lovibond’s unique BLAC® (Backscattered Light Absorbing Cavity) features a  light-absorbing trap to eliminate unwanted stray light, hence the extremely precise results for low turbidity levels down to 0.01 NTU.

Lovibond have included a customised measuring mode for fast settling particles; the "Fast Settling Mode", which improves the precision of the turbidity readings for large and heavy particles from 20 NTU, particularly in the high measuring range up to 4,000 NTU.

This instrument, available as an infrared or white light version, was created by a highly skilled and experience team of turbidity specialists to overcome some of the day-to-day problems faced when measuring turbidity. It is intuitive and easy to learn, even for inexperienced end-users; a clear, user-friendly, touchscreen display, easy-to-follow data management and an animated instruction guide to walk the operator through the measurement process lessen the probability of human error considerably.

The TB350 makes calibration and verification procedures easier than ever before. Formazin-based T-CAL® primary solutions are sealed safely in airtight vials and are ready for immediate use. Mistakes from user preparation or dilution of standards are no longer a problem and there is no longer a need to handle harmful chemicals.

The new TB350, available as an infrared or white light version, is compliant with valid ISO 7027 and US EPA (pending) regulations and standards.

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