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Nov 09 2021

Conditions Based Flowmeter Maintenance and Calibration using diagnostics data to determine when calibration is required on December 8, 2021. As the cost of treating wastewater continues to rise, it becomes more and more crucial for WWTPs and the communities discharging into them to ensure billings based on flow measurements are accurate. Even small discrepancies in WWTP inflow versus community site discharge readings can create disputes worth many thousands of dollars per instance, and resolving the issue is never easy without agreed-upon methods for determining which sets of flow data are the more accurate. In this webinar, Rick Dey, Business Development Manager for Flowmeter Products, Teledyne ISCO, discusses how to obtain high quality readings and validate the data to support accurate billings.  

Webinar topics

  • Typical municipal plant versus community discharge billing disputes
  • Frequently encountered mistakes in flow measurement that can significantly impact billings
  • Comparing baseline accuracy levels of different types of flowmeters
  • What happens when the exact same device is used in both locations?
  • Determining the validity of your flow data and building confidence in the billing amount
  • Selecting the best locations and configuration settings for your flow measurement system

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