• The application of mass spectrometry for monitoring gas compositions during the fermentation process


The application of mass spectrometry for monitoring gas compositions during the fermentation process

Feb 21 2024

Mass spectrometry enables the precise identification and quantification of molecules based on their mass. In the context of fermentation, a key process in biotechnology, mass spectrometry plays a crucial role in the monitoring and control of gas compositions.

Fermentation, as a biological process to produce biochemical products, presents specific challenges. The control of gas compositions in real-time is essential to ensure optimal conditions for microorganisms. This is where traditional analytical methods reach their limits, especially given the variety of gases involved and the dynamics of the fermentation process.

The MGA 1200CS from Process Insights enables fast, accurate and stable real-time analysis of up to 16 gas components in less than a second. This speed and precision are crucial to meet the specific challenges of fermentation. The gas analyser therefore makes a valuable contribution to the fermentation process.

The fermentation process carries the risk of gas build-up, such as ammonia or methane, which can affect efficiency. Traditional analysers reach their limits in real-time monitoring, whereas the MGA 1200CS offers unparalleled stability through its unique combination of fixed magnetic sector analyser and multi-stream sampler. This enables not only precise monitoring of gas compositions, but also the detection and prevention of potentially harmful accumulations in real time.

The challenges of fermentation require advanced analytical solutions, and the MGA 1200CS sets new standards. With its speed, precision and cybersecurity features, it not only revolutionizes process mass spectrometry, but also optimizes the efficiency and safety of the fermentation process.

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