• The perfect choice for photometric water analysis


The perfect choice for photometric water analysis

Apr 05 2023

MACHEREY-NAGEL’s NANOCOLOR range of COD test kits is the perfect choice for photometric water analysis. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) parameter is critical in determining the quality of wastewater, industrial waste, and other aqueous samples.

Accurate COD determination is crucial in providing information on the degradability of organic substances, making it a key indicator of water quality. MACHEREY-NAGEL COD test kits have been trusted by laboratories for many years due to their high accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

By using MACHEREY-NAGEL COD test kits, laboratories can quickly and accurately determine the quality of wastewater and other aqueous samples. This ensures that the water is free from harmful pollutants and is safe for human consumption and the environment.

MACHEREY-NAGEL COD test kits are available in a wide range of options, catering to different needs and requirements. These test kits are designed to offer precise and reliable results, making them the perfect choice for laboratories and organizations that require accurate water quality testing.

As one of the world's leading suppliers of tube tests for water analysis, MACHEREY-NAGEL is committed to providing you with the highest quality products. The NANOCOLOR® COD test kits are among the best with high accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, giving you the precise results you need in your routine analysis.

Monitoring water quality is critical to protect human and environmental health. In particular, the chemical oxygen demand (COD) is one of the most important indicators for evaluating industrial and municipal wastewater. As a cumulative parameter, COD determines all chemically oxidisable components present in water.

MACHEREY-NAGEL’s NANOCOLOR COD tests were developed precisely for this purpose. The test kits from their product range allow you to determine COD concentrations from as low as 2 mg/L up to very high concentrations of 60,000 mg/L.

Outstanding results - EPA approved
The quality of these products has been verified in a study where MACHEREY-NAGEL’s CSB LR 150 and HR 1500 were compared to competitor tests by nine independent laboratories.

The result shows: MACHEREY-NAGEL products perform on the same quality level as the top products on the market! It has been proven that MACHEREY-NAGEL's methods are comparable to the methods for measuring COD in wastewater included in 40 CRF Part 136. Therefore, methods 0-36 and 0-38 are now listed in 40 CRF Part 136 as well.

So, with NANOCOLOR® COD test kits, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. MACHEREY-NAGEL offers a broad selection for a wide variety of samples and applications, giving you the greatest possible flexibility. In this way, the right solution for is provided for every user.

Smart into the future
Results are conveniently evaluated photometrically, for example with the NANOCOLOR® Advance spectrophotometer. The NANOCOLOR® Advance spectrophotometer combines the key features of our portable compact photometers and MACHEREY-NAGEL’s high-precision spectrophotometers. It marks a new era of mobile and smart spectrophotometers featuring an intuitive and icon-based touchscreen operation comparable to your smartphone or tablet.

Leave nothing to chance
Reliable measurement results are no accident! Unique to the market, MACHEREY-NAGEL’s modern instruments like the NANOCOLOR® Advance offer the user an automatic detection of interfering turbidity, the "NTU-Check". Using an 860 nm LED, the instrument determines nephelometric turbidity in a test tube by measuring turbidity simultaneously with the actual measurement. The user is alerted acoustically and visually on the display of incorrect results due to turbidity, making the NTU Check a powerful and unique tool in photometry. In addition, the turbidity warning is written to the GLP-compliant memory with each measurement, providing the basis for reliable and trustworthy measurement and result documentation in water analysis.

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers water analysis products that set new standards for its price segment in terms of innovation and intuitive use.

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