• Flexible, durable and easy compact photometer and powder pillows make the perfect combination for trouble-free and accurate water analysis

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Flexible, durable and easy compact photometer and powder pillows make the perfect combination for trouble-free and accurate water analysis

Jul 29 2021

MACHEREY-NAGEL’s renown and proven powder pillow reagents and their PF-12Plus photometer form the perfect partnership for reliable and precise water analysis. The combination is flexible, durable and easy-to-use for optimal results in mobile and laboratory-based water and wastewater analysis.

The compact PF-12Plus photometer is tailor-made for mobile water analysis. It can evaluate MACHEREY NAGEL’s proven VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillow tests, NANOCOLOR® tube tests and their new NANOCOLOR® ECO test kits. The PF-12Plus is already equipped with more than 100 pre-programmed methods and additional functions. Thanks to its ease of use, measurement results can be produced within seconds. On the technical side, the compact PF-12Plus photometer impresses with its long battery life and flexible power supply. As a unique aspect of MACHEREY-NAGEL photometers, the PF-12Plus photometer also features an integrated nephelometric turbidity (NTU) measurement function. An advantage of this measurement is the integrated NTU-Check function, which allows the detection of interfering turbidity with every powder pillow measurement – an unprecedented measurement safety in the field of powder pillow reagents.

VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows for chlorine and other parameters combine easy dosing of reagents with long-term stability. Every powder pillow contains the exact amount of reagent needed for a single determination. Contamination of reagents is impossible therefore the shelf life of reagent kits is up to five years. All necessary information for quality assurance, such as test name, LOT and expiry date is printed on every powder pillow to ensure to maximise measurement integrity. No scissors or spoon is required for opening and dosing the powder pillow reagents directly into the test tubes which facilitates maximum measurement-convenience for mobile and laboratory-based water analysis. The compact PF-12Plus photometer is the perfect companion for VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows. It is water and dust-proof in accordance to IP 68 and withstands vibration tests according to Military Standard 810C (test specification 514.2). This underlines the robustness of the device and confirms its suitability for mobile analysis.

VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillows are available for many different parameters, which are important in drinking water, wastewater and water analysis in general. The parameters available are: ammonium, chlorine free, chlorine total, iron, nitrate, nitrite, ozone, silica, sulphate, pH and phosphate. All VISOCOLOR® Powder Pillow parameters are pre-programmed on the PF-12PLus photometer. All methods have pre-stored blank values and therefore do not require a blank measurement, which saves time and effort.

Easy to understand pictograms and written instructions in six different languages are available for all powder pillow parameters. The compact photometer PF-12Plus is mainly icon-based and therefore does not require intensive training.

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