• The future of water and wastewater analysis is spectral


The future of water and wastewater analysis is spectral

Feb 01 2021

The new Nanocolor® Advance spectrophotometer expands MACHEREY-NAGEL’s world renown photometer product range. This rugged, battery-powered instrument is the perfect companion for mobile and laboratory-based applications in all areas of water and wastewater analysis.

The  Nanoncolor® Advance combines the most important features of MACHEREY NAGEL’s portable compact photometers and their high-precision spectrophotometers. It replaces the successful Nanocolor® 500D filter photometer and marks a new era of mobile and smart spectrophotometers. The outstanding user-friendliness of this icon-based touch screen photometer allows the same operation as on your smartphone or tablet. The start screen allows an instant start of your favourite methods and functions and provides an excellent overview about the instrument status. The intelligent application bar gives direct access to the most important options and enhances the simplicity of menu navigation. Therefore, the Nanocolor® Advance is a highly significant addition to MACHEREY NAGEL’s smart photometry family, which stands out for its incredibly easy and enjoyable handling. The instrument features a colour 5” true-touch display to support the smart menu structure. The capacitive touch function lets you use the instrument even when wearing safety gloves. The Nanocolor® Advance operation is based on fun and intuition, creating an unrivaled user experience in laboratory as well as during on-site analysis.

The versatile Nanocolor® Advance combines outstanding usability with premium optics. The photometric accuracy has been improved to  0.003 Abs, an outstanding level for its price segment. The Nanocolor® Advance provides precise and reliable measurement results in the daily laboratory routine. As a spectrophotometer, it covers the wavelength range from 340 – 800 nm. It is the first photometer from MACHEREY-NAGEL with a 24 mm cuvette slot and thus extends the options for all areas of water analysis to a maximum. The universal cuvette slot fits to 10, 20, 40 and 50 mm standard cells, as well as 16 and 24 mm test tubes. Therefore, the Nanocolor® Advance is the only photometer suitable for all available MACHEREY-NAGEL test kits from the Visocolor® and Nanocolor® product portfolio.

The Nanoncolor® Advance also features the well-known and proven barcode technology to measure MACHEREY NAGEL’s Nanoncolor® tube tests in the easiest and quickest way. Besides the Nanocolor® tube tests and standard tests, the test kits from MACHEREY NAGEL’s Visocolor® Eco and Visocolor® Powder Pillow range can also be evaluated. A comprehensive and easy-to-understand menu for creating customer-specific methods makes the device an all-rounder in water and wastewater analysis. The scan menu enables you to record spectra in the whole wavelength range – a powerful tool to help you choosing the right wavelength for customised methods.

Reliable measurement results are not achieved by coincidence! As a unique feature for the market, the Nanocolor® Advance offers the user automatic detection of interfering turbidity, the “NTU-Check”. With an 860 nm LED, the instrument determines the nephelometric turbidity for all measurements in a round tube parallel to the measurement. It warns the user of incorrect results caused by turbidity. This option helps you to avoid measuring errors and sets the basis for reliable measurement results – an unmatched safeguard in the field of water analysis. For seamless documentation, the NTU values are stored in the memory, which can be easily exported via the integrated interfaces. You do not need any additional accessories for the data export. Connect a flash drive to the USB port, export data and review the results on a computer. The instrument is designed for use in all manner of surroundings. It is water and dust-proof according to IP 67 and withstands the Military Standard 810H (only 514.8 Cat. 4) vibration test. Its inbuilt lithium ion battery has enough power to cope with a whole week of daily water analysis. This underlines the robustness of the device and its suitability for mobile analysis.

Since MACHEREY-NAGEL is passionate about quality, they have added extensive internal quality control (IQC) functions to the instrument. This enables you to verify your results and the functionality of the instrument conveniently and continuously. All IQC options, such as standard measurements are easily done by integrated methods and are saved and documented within the instrument memory according to GLP. Additionally, the Nanocolor® Advance features outstanding internal instrument monitoring options as part of instrument quality control. The inbuilt holmium oxide filter enables a safe wavelength accuracy check and our product Nanoncolor® Nanocheck 2.0 allows a comprehensive check of the photometric accuracy of the instrument. Therefore, the Nanocolor® Advance provides easy to use quality control functions that meet your requirements and enable an efficient and accurate IQC.

Overall, MACHEREY-NAGEL has launched an instrument that sets new standards for its price segment in terms of innovation and intuitive use. The new Nanocolor® Advance was developed with end users’ requirements and needs in mind, to provide the best user experience in the photometer market. The instrument is built with a passion for quality, precision and accuracy. It adds a new level of simplicity to MACHEREY NAGEL’s customers’ daily routine.

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