• Spectrophotometer Nanocolor® <sup>UV/VIS</sup>


Spectrophotometer Nanocolor® UV/VIS

Mar 28 2008

The new NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS from MACHEREY-NAGEL is a compact UV-VIS spectrophotometer with monochromator.
With preprogrammed NANOCOLOR® tests and free programming of user defined methods in the wavelength range from 190 to 1100 nm, the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS is a powerful tool for routine and reference analysis (DIN / EN / ISO / EPA) and individual applications. High-quality optical components guarantee a fast and precise wavelength adjustment for accurate results.
The modern optic of the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS is insensitive against surrounding light. Round tubes (16 mm) and rectangular cuvettes
(10, 20 and 50 mm) can be used in the universal cuvette holder without any light shield and adaptor. The self-explanatory user guidance on the coloured and illuminated LCD touch screen allows a safe and simple operation and facilitates the daily work.
The NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS includes over 100 preprogrammed tests with over 200 analysis programmes of MACHEREY-NAGEL.
The unique NANOCOLOR® Barcode Technology (NBT) with its fully automatic, instant cuvette detection by the built-in laser scanner
allows simple and fast routine analysis. The selection of the testmethod and suitable wavelength, the measurement and the storage
of the measurement results are carried out automatically after the cuvette has been inserted into the cuvette slot. No additional
keystroke is necessary.
The NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS also includes professional photometric basic functions, e.g. extinction, transmission, measurement with factor, two-point-calibration, multi wavelength measurements and kinetics for time-dependant reactions. For individual use, the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS is programmable for 100 user defined applications. The NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS also allows the recording of high-resolution scans in just seconds. Afterwards, the scans can be transferred to a PC and be stored and edited with the NANOCOLOR® software.
For GLP compatible documentation of measuring results, the user can add different additional inputs and options, which are clearly displayed on the large touch screen. Beside the input of sample number, sample place, user and possible dilution, the change of a submethod (e.g. from NH4 to NH4-N), the determination of a correction value for coloured and turbid samples and the transfer of a test to an individual favourite list are possible. In addition, the corresponding extinction and the position of the measuring result, related to the measuring range and the 20 to 80 % area can be displayed. All additional inputs are stored together with the result. Automatic storage can be switched on and off in the configuration menu.
The different interfaces (3 USB, 1 RS 232) of the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS permit an easy and fast software update with new test methods via internet and data transfer of measuring results to PC with the NANOCOLOR® data export software.
Whether in operation, control or research laboratories, adapted to our customers’ requirements, today and tomorrow, the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS is suitable for universal use in water and waste water analysis. This includes municipal and industrial waste water, drinking water, process water, surface water and ground water as well as cooling and boiler water. Even for quality control in various industries, like food and beverage industries, the NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS is the perfect measuring instrument.

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