• High-performance OEM pressure transmitters


High-performance OEM pressure transmitters

Jun 19 2023

KELLER’s 10LX / 10LHPX series of OEM pressure transmitters have been designed to deliver exceptional performance; these transmitters combine the tried and tested 10L pressure transducer with contemporary X-line electronics, catering to the specific needs of OEMs.

The KELLER 10LX / 10LHPX series stands out because of its superior precision, reliability, and versatile interface options. Equipped with both digital and analogue interfaces ubiquitous to a wide range of industrial applications, these pressure transmitters offer seamless integration into existing systems. The microcontroller embedded in the transmitters compensates for temperature dependence and non-linearity with great precision, using a mathematical model and thus ensuring the highest level of measurement accuracy.

Thanks to the 10LX and its high-pressure variant, the 10LHPX, KELLER has successfully closed the gap in its product portfolio, providing customers with expanded options to their existing OEM pressure transducers, such as the 10L and 33X. 

The KELLER 10LX / 10LHPX series has a compact design and is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. These pressure transmitters offer a level of precision up to 0.01%FS, making them ideal for even the most demanding applications. Furthermore, the transmitters feature an RS485 interface that can be combined with an analogue output, providing customers with flexibility in data transmission and system integration.

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