• Trusted measurement for high range turbidity applications – simplified
    All TL23 Series Turbidimeters feature a large full colour touchscreen display.
  • Inserting a sample.
  • Light path in the turbidimeter.


Trusted measurement for high range turbidity applications – simplified

Sep 14 2016

Turbidity is a critical quality parameter for many processes and applications, and you need confidence in your measurements. To support laboratory needs for a wide range and robust turbidity measurement standard, Hach® has released a new benchtop turbidimeter. There are four different models for ISO and EPA methods that can measure up to 10,000 NTU.

The new TL23 Series laboratory turbidimeters feature the verified and trusted technology of the Hach 2100 Series and improved functionality to simplify testing in the most demanding industrial and wastewater applications.

Improved characteristics include a colour touch screen, a USB port for data transfer, self-diagnostics for quality assurance, and single point calibration for measurements under 40 NTU/FNU.

Improved and intuitive design
The TL23 Series’ large full colour touch screen display and intuitive user interface accelerate setup, calibration and measurement. An easy interface and guided procedures provide confidence in measurement results. Operators familiar with the Hach DR3900 spectrophotometer will recognise the user-friendly interface and appreciate this consistency in instrument operation.

A smart device for more reliable measurements
The TL23 Series ensures stable readings and accurate analysis by capturing turbidity readings once the device detects sample stability. This quality step removes subjectivity and the need for repeated measurements.

Easy to use - Easy to Be Right
The TL23 Series provides everything you need at your fingertips. With a USB port for easy data export, sample identification for traceability, and self-diagnostics for quality assurance, Hach makes it easy to be right.

“The improvement our customers love most is the new full colour touch screen,” Mira Kovacheva, Global Product Manager, said. “We have created a large, full colour display which makes it easier to use and to check readings. We have ensured the menu structure is easy to follow, so testing is simple.”

In addition to a simple design and set-up, the optical system is designed for greater accuracy, calibration stability and the ability to measure coloured samples. The TL23 Series turbidimeters use single point calibration for measurements under 40NTU/FNU, which reduces time needed to calibrate the device. 

Trusted technology explained
The TL23 Series benchtop turbidimeters employ ratio technology. Measurement with ‘ratio on’ means that the instruments utilise data from all of the detectors by using a mathematical calculation to ratio signals from each detector.

The ratio technology overcomes the two most common interferences in turbidity measurement:

  • Colour – conventional turbidimeters cannot separate colour from turbidity measurement
  • Large particles – light absorbing large particles have a negative effect on conventional turbidity measurement, but this effect is neutralised when using the ratio technology.

Download the datasheet or view the TL23 Series Benchtop Turbidimeters including order information.

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