• Hach Lange Celebrates 75th Birthday!


Hach Lange Celebrates 75th Birthday!

Jun 09 2008

HACH LANGE has been a leader in the development of analytical instrumentation and reagents for testing, monitoring and sampling water for three quarters of a century.
Commenting on the company's longevity, UK & Ireland Managing Director Darin Stell says, "HACH LANGE has always been driven by a desire to serve our customers better. As a result, we continuously develop new technologies that make testing and monitoring easier, faster, more accurate and lower in cost. Our passion for continuous improvement impacts upon every aspect of the company, ensuring that our business
processes run smoothly and efficiently, so that customers get exactly what they want, when they want it.
"We believe that if you continuously meet or exceed customer expectations, they will come back to you time after time, and with 75 years as a market leader, it would seem that this philosophy works!"
HACH LANGEmanufactures instruments and reagents for use in the laboratory, on-line, in processes and in the field. Typical measurands include almost any water quality parameter, water level and flow and the product range also includes MCERTS approved water samplers.
Examples of HACH LANGE's recent product developments include: the on-line or portable 'LDO™' optical dissolved oxygen sensor which radically reducesmaintenance and calibration requirements; the 'NH4D sc' ammoniumsensor which can be immersed directly into wastewater providing accurate reliable measurements; the 'SC 1000' multi-parameter universal controller which can connect to multiple sensors and in conjunction with multiple other controllers can provide a complete network; the 'DR 5000' UV-Vis laboratory spectrophotometer with automatic test recognition; the 'HQd' multiparameter portable, digital meters for plug and play testing; COD tubes, supplied with reagents for quick, easy, highly accurate tests… and much much more!
HACH LANGE also leads in the development of innovative manufacturing and business processes. This is exemplified by the company's waste recycling service, in which over 70% of returned materials (tubes and reagents) are either re-used or recycled.
Anyonewishing to find outwhat exciting developments HACH LANGE has in store for the next 75 years should visitwww.hach-lange.co.uk

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