• New range of multiparameter water monitoring instruments


New range of multiparameter water monitoring instruments

Mar 21 2022

The new PRO range from Aquaread, follows on from the success of their Aquaprobe and Aquasonde series, improving on every facet from its construction, design, features and specifications. The PRO range introduces materials that have never been used for this purpose which has enabled precise measurements to be taken at far greater depths than previously possible. It also includes a highly innovative new measurement chamber for enhanced sensor stability even in the harshest of conditions, and smart sensors that hold their calibration data and facilitate quick and easy, in-situ sensor changes.  

The PRO’s Aquaprobe and Aquasonde feature a combination of titanium and carbon fibre; this provides exceptional corrosion resistance as well as high compressive strength and both can therefore operate at depths of up to 1000 feet or 300 metres.  

The protective end cap, a feature on all Aquaprobes, has been extended along the inside of the sleeve to provide a more stable measurement chamber for all the installed sensors. Its matt black exterior halts reflection and the sealed environment is not affected by stray light.

Operators can use the measurement chamber for sensor calibration utilising the calibration cup that push-fits onto the probe’s base; this surrounds and seals the holes enabling the probe to stand upright. Using the measurement chamber for calibration reduces the volume of calibration solution required, thus reducing the cost of maintenance.

The PRO range features smart sensors that hold calibration data thus facilitating exchange without needing recalibration. Sensors can be calibrated carefully in the laboratory and then deployed for simple exchange, eliminating any necessity to calibrate in the field.

These instruments feature all the most important water quality smart sensors and include

a self-cleaning system to enable prolonged monitoring. The standard sensors include optical dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP, temperature and depth. Four auxiliary ports enable extra smart sensors to be added to increase monitoring options.

The Aquasonde-PRO has a innovative three-position switch ring mechanism allowing users to simply switch the function of the sonde. By using the switch ring, operators can turn the unit off, set it to auto or activate Bluetooth mode. The switch ring includes a multi-coloured LED display for a variety of measurement parameters. When operating in ‘Auto’ mode the sonde will distinguish if its connector has been blanked off, if it is connected to a vented cable, connected to an Aquameter or if it is linked to a PC via USB, and will react accordingly.  

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