• Major airports invest in advanced wastewater monitors
    BioTector B7000 TOC analyser installed in an AnaShell type AS4000 walk-in shelter
  • Potential measuring points for TOC on airports

Water Pollution Monitoring

Major airports invest in advanced wastewater monitors

Nov 07 2023

Airport run-off and effluent can be challenging to monitor, but the Hach® BioTector analyser delivers reliable TOC measurements across a wide range and in highly variable contamination levels. Continuous TOC data improves treatment, lowers costs, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Even during normal operations, airports have the potential to generate elevated amounts of pollution. Spillage of kerosene or jet fuel, maintenance of aircraft and ground vehicles, exterior washing, tyre abrasion, and fueling operations can all lead to high levels of contamination in water runoff. In winter, aircraft de-icing chemicals can escalate the load of organic substances from 20 mg/L C to 240,000 mg/L C in minutes. This presents a significant challenge in the appropriate measurement, control and treatment of wastewater.

To comply with environmental regulations, airports must carefully monitor stormwater runoff and surface water effluent to ensure that levels of contamination are acceptable before releasing the water into the environment.

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analysis is the most cost-effective, accurate, and timely method for the measurement of organics in water. 24/7 monitoring offers operational savings through the controlled release of contaminated water to the wastewater treatment plant; helping to eliminate regulatory fines and optimise glycol recovery.

Already proven at some of Europe’s leading airline hubs, the Hach® BioTector B7000i TOC analyser is the ideal measurement tool for airports and other challenging effluent monitoring applications. Crucially, the analyser is able to provide reliable and accurate measurements regardless of weather or sample conditions, and can be interfaced with airport networks; providing access to real-time data.

The BioTector’s powerful Two-Stage Advanced Oxidation (TSAO) process is designed for fast cycle times and accurate analysis with minimal maintenance. All parts of the analyser that come into contact with the sample are automatically cleaned during every measurement cycle, and without the need for an external cleaning agent. The analyser is able to measure both high and low TOC levels accurately without any carryover issues.

For airport applications, the Hach BioTector B7000i analyser incorporates three ranges to allow correct measurement of carbon concentration at the corresponding measuring ranges - the analyser is able to signal and switch between low and high ranges automatically without any issues.

Sample handling is also trouble-free with the BioTector; even in applications where wastewater has a high viscosity and contains glycol, grease, oils, salts, and particulates.

Key benefits of the B7000i TOC analyser

  • Superior reliability – typically 99.86% uptime
  • High dependability – unique two-stage advanced oxidation technology handles even challenging applications involving oils, greases, salts, sludge, and particulates
  • Intelligent design – self-cleaning technology and oversized tubing prevents clogging and sample contamination
  • Minimal maintenance – no calibration or service is required between the 6-month service interval
  • Low cost of ownership – provides a quick payback with cost savings in waste reduction and optimised processes

With large areas of impermeable surfaces and extensive drainage and wastewater collection systems, there are many useful measuring points at airports. For remote locations the TOC analyser can be installed inside a Hach AnaShell® shelter, which is a complete weather and corrosion resistant solution, capable of housing up to ten analysers. All instruments are pre-mounted and the entire shelter is tested prior to shipment for instant and sustainable operational reliability on site. With everything from a single source, including professional integration; reliability and ease of use are assured.

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