• New series of portable isokinetic samplers for stack emissions

Stack Monitoring

New series of portable isokinetic samplers for stack emissions

Jan 01 2021

Mega Systems have recently launched the Lotus, a new handheld isokinetic controller in compliance with EN 15259, UNI EN ISO, 16911-1, EN13284-A, ISO 9096.

The instrument has a 4.2” colour LCD display, a USB port for easy report downloads through a pen drive, and a rechargeable lithium battery to ensure wide range working autonomy. Three independent sensors for barometric, static and differential pressure, guarantee reliable and highly accurate measurements of flue gas conditions, calculating velocity and flow rates in real time.

Lotus can be used with a Darcy tube for stack inspections and measuring thermodynamic parameters or with the Aster isokinetic pump and a sampling probe (heated or non-heated) for complete automatic samplings.

The instruments connect via serial RS 232. Lotus reads flue gas velocity and flow rate through the Darcy tube and the differential pressure sensor and then regulates the pump suction power accordingly to quickly track variations while remaining within the correct isokinetic grade.

The Aster isokinetic pump is equipped with a 7” touch screen display, allowing easy and convenient set up and data review.

Through the display, it is possible to check the sampling data, view its progress (textual or graphic), manage the integrated database and carry out diagnostics. As per tradition, control, flow rate regulation and compensation are completely automatic. The pump guarantees high precision in regulating flows throughout the operating range.

The high prevalence of the pump (> 600 mmHg), combined with the electronic management and control system, enable automatic compensation for variation in load losses caused by filter clogging, and maintenance of constant flow rate throughout the sampling period. Whenever an alarm situation arises (failure to maintain constant flow, power failure, etc.) the anomaly is recorded and reported.

The volumetric meter is a dry type with ± 2% accuracy. An electronic sensor detects the temperature of the air sampled at the meter inlet to calculate volume normalisation. The reduced weight and dimensions of all models allow for easy portability even in areas that are difficult to access. Aster has a dual power supply: it can be powered by a fixed network or via the optional battery box.

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