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Leak Detection – Video/App Note

Nov 17 2016

In many applications it is critical to detect the presence or absence of liquid. An early indication helps prevent the loss of critical fluids, damage to equipment, costly service interruption and system downtime.

Detecting rainwater leaks at an early stage in outdoor telecommunication units preventing loss of service or potential expensive damage is an application SST (UK) is very familiar with. The increased use of small and metrocell technology has resulted in a growing number of units being deployed in locations which are difficult to access and not subject to regular inspection. Enclosures of these cells are at risk of fluid ingress, putting critical electronic systems and the end users’ service at risk.

An industry proven solution to these problems is SST Sensing’ affordable range of leak detection liquid level switches that prevent the high cost of leaking liquids. The diagram below is an example of SST’s smallest type of optical liquid level switch mounted into a sump of a telecommunications enclosure. As illustrated the switch sits at the bottom of the sump in order to accurately and instantly detect the presence of rainwater.

Designed for small spaces, SST’ single point optical liquid level switches are a more reliable and durable alternative to float switches due to their solid state design. The sensitivity of these switches mean that it only takes a very small amount of contact with liquid to trigger the alarm. Catching the issue at an early stage adds value to products and services by alarming or shutting down to minimise system downtime and service interruption resulting in end user confidence.

The optical liquid level switches use an infra-red LED and phototransistor accurately positioned at the base of the switches tip. When the tip is in air, infra-red light reflects internally round the tip to the phototransistor providing good optical coupling between the two. When the switches tip is immersed in liquid, the infra-red light escapes from the tip causing a change in the amount of light at the phototransistor which makes the output change state.

SST’s optical liquid level switches have a long operating life, fit into small spaces and can very quickly react to small amounts of liquid. They are solid state meaning there are no moving parts for debris to get jammed causing unreliability. The liquid level switches ability to function in wide operating temperatures and almost any liquid results in a highly reliable and affordable sensing switch.

These optical liquid level switches can also be used for leak detection under flooring, peristaltic pumps and within sumps, bilges and oil catch pans. Or as level indicators, preventing damaging run dry conditions for oils, hydraulics and coolants.

For more information on SST’s liquid level switches, please Ask the Expert today! 

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