• Launch of New Breed of Pipe Crawlers Announced

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Launch of New Breed of Pipe Crawlers Announced

Feb 05 2016

Deep Trekker Inc. announced the unveiling of a new breed of pipe crawlers now available in the UK from Planet Ocean Ltd.

The DT340 Pipe Crawler is completely self-contained in two carrying cases, requiring no dedicated service truck to operate. Along with on-board batteries, the system requires no generators or additional power source. These key features make the DT340 Pipe Crawler unlike any other on the market.

“The infrastructure put in place to support our cities are quickly ageing,” commented Sam Macdonald Deep Trekker President. “Councils and service companies are looking for ways to inspect these pipelines to understand what maintenance is required before a costly breach occurs.”

Until now pipe crawlers have been cumbersome, require trucks or cranes to launch the operation, and are very expensive to rent or own. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of pipelines haven’t happened as often as they should. The industry has been looking for a system that can fit in the back seat of a van, be deployed in less than a minute, and work in remote areas where an access points may be.

In cases where there is a blockage or breach, service companies and councils must respond immediately. The DT340 Pipe Crawler is that solution.

“It’s based on the proven technology from our remotely operated vehicles,” continued Macdonald. “We’ve made the pipe crawler completely portable, put batteries inside the crawler itself and made is completely submersible up to 50 m. This depth rating opens even more doors for underwater pipelines.”

 Using LED shadow less illumination, easily examine your entire pipe system in detail with the static camera or optional pan and tilt camera. From the handheld controller, adjust the LED brightness, zoom into areas of interest and adjust the focus on demand. Magnetically coupled wheel drives require zero maintenance, meaning there are no dynamic seals anywhere on the DT340 for you to grease or replace. Similarly, the optional tracks system is made from steel cord reinforced polyurethane, ready to manoeuvre over any obstacles you may encounter.

With no power being sent through the tether, your inspections are safer and reduce the weight the crawler pulls. Though the DT340 tether may be thin, it is reinforced with synthetic fibres for extra strength. Using the lifting kit, easily deploy or lift the DT340 by the tether.

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