• Highly Accurate and Stable Pressure Sensor

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Highly Accurate and Stable Pressure Sensor

Sep 29 2016

GE Measurement & Controls’  (UK) Druck RPS/DPS 8100 pressure transducer encompasses TERPS (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensors) technology.

TERPS is a new silicon technology that offers unparalleled levels of accuracy and durability. TERPS utilises a resonating silicon pressure sensor which exploits the naturally occurring perfect elasticity of a single crystalline structure. W RPS/DPS 8100ith therefore has no imperfections, only perfect results!

This instrument uses optimised resonator geometry facilitating operation in the toughest of environments, whilst  maintaining stability of +/-0.1hPa/year, both in controlled environments and in the field, thus meeting meteorologists’s specific criteria.

The RPS/DPS 8100 series achieves and surpasses all the requirements set by WMO and FAA. GE technicians designed the pressure sensor to make sure that weather stations that use it are the best available. Apart from its unique customisation functionality, this  is one of the very few sensors that incorporate TERPS technology and can attain +/-0.1hPa accuracy and +/-0.1hPa year stability.

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