• Flexibility and Freedom in Monitoring IAQ Levels

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Flexibility and Freedom in Monitoring IAQ Levels

Mar 31 2008

PPM Technology (UK) have dedicated over 10 years to the monitoring of airborne gases and are pleased to announce the launch of their most innovative and adaptable monitoring system : The PPMonitor Stand Alone System (SAS).
The PPMonitor SAS has been developed to ensure that monitoring is thorough, accurate, applicable and cost effective, and to allow flexibility and freedom in monitoring IAQ levels. Offering extreme
versatility the portable SAS simultaneously measures up to 8 IAQ parameters that have been specifically chosen by the systems user. Sensors have been chosen to offer the highest levels in precision and quality ensuring complete accuracy of readings, and safeguarding the health of building occupants. Sensor range options include but are not limited to, formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide,
carbonmonoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and TVOC.
The system is designed to operate in a fully self-contained manner; with an inbuilt computer usingWindows® based software.
Being compact, and lightweight, the SAS can easily be moved to different locations, buildings and environments. Continuous or
daily scheduling of sampling is possible allowing total automation for the duration of the sampling period. The system can also be networked for retrieval of data whilst sampling or to change any of the stored
settings from a remote location.
PPM’s exclusive designed Windows® based software provides the user with a real time, visual representation of indoor air quality.
Unlimited storage of data and the ability to create place and session specific reports can also assist building management systems and
help fulfil legislative requirements.
The system provides a dual environmental benefit; real-time functions
enable immediate warnings of the presence of harmful gases, protecting
employees and the public. Analysis of recorded data also allows more efficient management of resources and energy.

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