•  VARIOluxx  Portable 9-Gas Complete Analysis System for semi-continuous measurements of flue gases and certified to EN 50379

Gas Detection

 VARIOluxx  Portable 9-Gas Complete Analysis System for semi-continuous measurements of flue gases and certified to EN 50379

Apr 20 2020

The new gas analyser made in Germany by MRU, is designed for stand-alone, 
long-time measurements, with all modern real time data transfer to PC or smartphone 
via Wi-Fi, or Ethernet, RS485, USB and 4-20mA analogue outputs.            

The analyser is housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure with rubber corner impact-protection, and is using Linux operating system, with a high contrast 7" (840x480) graphical display and intuitive touch & swipe panel.

Automatic measurements and data logging are available, also with graphical measurements 
visualisation and csv or pdf emission reporting using the powerful MRU4Win PC-software.

Beside of the improved heated gas sampling probe with easy & fast exchangeable filter cartridge, the analyser is using a heated sampling line and built-in efficient Peltier gas cooler with automatic condensate draining pump, flow rate regulated gas sampling pump with internal sample flow measurement and on display alarm, 3-way valve for automatic zeroing, all system components required to produce correct gas measurements, even for longer-time flue gas sampling.

Including up to 6 electrochemical cells and a 3-gas infrared bench, the analyser can perform an up to 9-gas analysis of O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, H2, CO2, HC (as CH4 or C3H8), 
with volumetric and mass emission calculation of mg/Nm3 and g/Nm3 and with O2 referencing. Measurement of flue gas temperature and flow velocity by means of integrated differential pressure sensor and Pitot or Darcy tube, is completing the large spectrum of use.

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