• Breakthrough in Low-Power NDIR Gas Sensor Technology

Gas Detection

Breakthrough in Low-Power NDIR Gas Sensor Technology

Mar 20 2017

The market of gas detection equipment is evolving at a steady pace and sensor technologies must stick to the cutting edge of progress to stay on par with these advancements. Following well over a decade of intensive research and development, MIPEX has created a unique patented NDIR technology that fuels its line of methane, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide sensors. The technology has the potential to revolutionize the market of high-precision optical gas sensors for industrial safety thanks to its uniquely low power consumption – substantially lower than in traditional lamp-based IR optical sensors. In absolute terms, power consumption across the entire line does not exceed 3 mW, which makes these products perfectly suitable for wireless and portable gas detectors of the newest generation.

MIPEX-02 infrared gas sensor

The MIPEX-02 model is the centerpiece of the MIPEX product line. The dual-beam sensor uses a patent
ed system of miniature mirrors and a LED emitter of a proprietary design operating within a particular spectrum. The durability and long life cycle of the MIPEX-02 sensor is attained through the use of unique components – photo diodes based on thin films of a solid PbSe – CdSe solution that not only offer improved durability, but also up to 10 times more sensitivity that pyro-electric photo detectors. To achieve maximum stability under volatile operational conditions, the sensor signal is further refined and linearized by special algorithms using an integrated microcontroller.

All of above ensures maximum accuracy of measurements in the harshest environments with irregularly changing temperature conditions.

MIPEX-02 boasts “Ex ia” intrinsic level safety with all of its components securely packed into a compact, industry standard size (⌀20.2×16.6 excluding pins) stainless steel housing. Communication with the host device is carried our via a digital UART interface.

MIPEX-02 NDIR sensor is a smart device capable of running self-diagnostic routines, identifying errors and taking preventive measures to fix them, automatically adapting to changing environmental conditions and providing stable output to the host unit. The product is available in several factory configurations fine-tuned for particular areas of applications and detection parameters.

One sensor for a multitude of gas detection devices

MIPEX-02 provides a wealth of opportunities to the manufacturers of gas detection equipment, starting from record-low power consumption and intrinsic durability and all the way to full compliance with standards and best design practices.

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