• Improved CO2 capability MIPEX-02 low power sensor

Gas Detection

Improved CO2 capability MIPEX-02 low power sensor

May 11 2021

MIPEX-02 NDIR sensors family is well known for its low power consumption and was well received by the market and implemented in both fixed and portable gas detectors designs. Initial design was targeted to provide combustible gases measurement, but longer optical path has limited CO2 concentration measurement by 1.5% volume and operational temperature range of -10 to + 40 degrees centigrade. Modified optical system has allowed extending both measuring concentration and operating temperature ranges. Updated sensor is available in following versions: MIPEX-02-3-I-1.1A(30)  measuring 1.5% CO2 from-10 to +40C; MIPEX-02-3-II-1.1A(32) measuring 1.5% CO2 from -20 to +50C; MIPEX-02-3-I-1.1A(40)  measuring 5% CO2 from -10 to +40C; MIPEX-02-3-II-1.1A(42) measuring 5%  CO2  from -20 to +50C.

Utilising MIPEX-02 sensors in portable gas detector will give way to design instrument operating 2 months without battery recharge. Autonomous wireless monitoring systems can be other application of interest.

Datasheet is available.

As CO2 measurement not always is connected with explosive atmosphere, Optosense has developed non-Ex version with benefit of lower price.  Saving all metrological and mechanical performances sensor has not intrinsically safe design. Ordering codes are: MIPEX-02-3-30-1.1-G measuring 1.5% CO2 from -10 to +40C; MIPEX-02-3-32-1.1-G  measuring 1.5% CO2 from -20 to +50C; MIPEX-02-3-40-1.1-G measuring 5% CO2 from-10 to +40C; MIPEX-02-3-42-1.1-G measuring 5% CO2 from-20 to +50C.

If you need more information, you can find it on Optosense website or email.

For North American companies support is available from Scout Innovations LLC, our representative on the market.

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