• Reliable and precise oxygen measurement for combustion plants

Gas Detection

Reliable and precise oxygen measurement for combustion plants

Jul 27 2022

LogiDataTech’s MF-Oxy measures oxygen partial pressure directly in gas mixtures, to measure absolute oxygen content precisely and reliably in harsh in industrial locations. This device can also self-diagnose for hardware malfunctions, even during operation and its sensor can be calibrated without the use of reference gas.

The MF-Oxy was designed specifically for automatic control of combustion plants, and for taking precise oxygen measurements in difficult-to-reach areas or in self-contained locations such as ventilation tubes or containers. Its signals can be transmitted up to 300 meters and the data then transferred over great distances. There are two versions, with the capability of operating at maximum exhaust temperatures of +250°C and +350°C. A fail-safe system can be made operational via an additional, independent digital output. 

MF-Oxy oxygen sensors are available with a measuring range from 0.1 to 25 Vol.-% or 0.1 to 100 Vol.-% oxygen. For use at temperatures of up to +250°C, there is a choice of probe tubes of 120 mm, 220 mm, 400 mm and 800 mm are available; for operation at process temperatures of up to +350°C, all probe sizes apart from the 120 mm are available. The instrument also includes an analogue interface with 4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V; it is also features an independent digital output. The MF-Oxy is equipped as standard with a full sinter cab; optionally, an inside sinter can be installed, to make the system more resistant to impurities, although this option would increase reaction times. 

The MF-Oxy is complaint with DIN EN 50270: 2015-5 type1 and type2 and DIN EN 61326-1: 2013-07 and with EMC-directives 2014/30/EU.

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