• Efficient, precise and failsafe oxygen monitoring for combustion plants and other tough applications
  • MF010-O-LC (Flex)

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Efficient, precise and failsafe oxygen monitoring for combustion plants and other tough applications

Nov 02 2023

Effective environmental protection is impossible without precise and reliable environmental monitoring instrumentation; one of the key parameters in oxygen content analysis. For example, efficient oxygen control in combustion plants leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption and emissions. LogiDataTech has developed a couple of highly advanced, precise and dependable fail-safe oxygen probes that make an important contribution in optimising fuel consumption to reduce the costs and environmental effects of an inefficient combustion process, enabling their customers to comply with environmental legislation, whilst saving money.

This technology has been borne out of 2 decades of meticulous research and development to provide cost-effective and failsafe oxygen measurement in a wide range of concentrations. The beating heart of these devices is a dynamic, zirconium oxide oxygen sensor. The sensors’ signal outputs feature two independent channels. The output signal of the analogue channel is linear ranging between 4 – 20 mA (or 0.1 – 10 volts). The digital channel emits a pulse-length, modulated alternating signal(High-Phase 5 V, Low-Phase 0 V). The length of the low-phase is a degree of oxygen concentration and can be calculated using a downstream device. By monitoring via both channels, a fail-safe operation without the need for a second probe can be achieved. In addition, LogiDAtaTech’s sensors have been designed so that their functionality can be monitored during operation. Regular functional testing can be implemented by wiring the integrated test pins.

The MF-Oxy oxygen sensor measures the oxygen’s partial pressure directly in the gas mixture, to monitor absolute oxygen content. The sensor can be calibrated without reference gas in atmospheric air. This sensor was designed especially for the automatic control of combustion plants, as well as for oxygen measurements in hard-to-reach areas or in self-contained systems, such as ventilation tubes and containers, etc. Its signals can be transmitted up to 300 meters, over great distances. In two variants it can be used at maximum exhaust temperatures of +250°C and +350°C. This device complies with the DIN EN 50270: 2015-5 type1 and type2 and DIN EN 61326-1: 2013-07 standards and the EMC-directives 2014/30/EU.

The MF010-O-LC oxygen sensor determines oxygen concentration in gas mixtures, during operation it monitors its own function and reports any hardware malfunctions. The sensor can be calibrated without personnel and reference gas in atmospheric air.

Like the MF-Oxy, the MF010-O-LC (Flex) was designed specifically for the automatic control of combustion plants, oxygen monitoring areas that are difficult to access, or in self-contained units. It can function reliably at maximum exhaust temperatures of up to 250°C. The oxygen sensors belonging to the MF010-O-LC devices offer a measuring range from 0.1 to 25 vol% oxygen. The flexible cable between the probe and electronic housing has a length of 400 mm. Optionally, the instrument offers an analogue interface with 4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V and is also features an independent digital output. As standard, the device includes a 34 mm sinter, making the system more resistant to impurities, but with an increased reaction time.

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