• How to reliably detect gas leaks over a distance of up to 200 metres

Gas Detection

How to reliably detect gas leaks over a distance of up to 200 metres

Jul 01 2024

Sewerin’s new SR-LD 800 and SR-LD 200 remote laser gas detectors significantly improve safety and efficiency in a variety of applications, such as checking a house’s connections from outside of the property’s boundary, monitoring gas pipes located under bridges, or inspecting every operational component at a biogas plant for leaks. Thanks to these devices’ remote detection technology, the tightness of a tank’s membrane connection can be scrutinised thoroughly without the hazard and hassle of climbing ladders to enter the tank.

These cutting-edge instruments achieve exceptionally high sensitivity because of the high resolution of their measurement laser. SEWERIN developed the SR-LD 800 and SR-LD 200 to detect methane gas unaffected by cross-interference from other gases thanks to the use of TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy), a high resolution, non-dispersive spectrometric technology.

The SR-LDs reliably detect methane gas over long distances of up to 200 metres. A laser beam is emitted by the detector and reflected on the pipe or tank’s surface. If there is methane present in the measurement path, the laser beam’s signal with be absorbed and therefore depleted. Methane concentration is measured based on how much the signal is weakened by the gas. The SR-LD 800 and SR-LD 200 both adjust their zero-point automatically to account for changes in distance, ensuring reliable and precise detection results.

Both of the remote laser detectors are extremely compact, lightweight and easy to use. They are fully charged within 2 ½ hours and are always ready for action thanks to the spare rechargeable batteries provided. The measuring lasers are adjusted automatically, conveniently and efficiently within the instrument’s carrying case.

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