• Living greener with DD-Scientific, the new ESG range

Gas Detection

Living greener with DD-Scientific, the new ESG range

Jun 13 2023

DD-Scientific is an independent producer of electrochemical sensors and is widely acknowledged to be a market leader for their innovative designs and rapid velocity development cycles which other, often much larger companies are unable to match.

The ESG range of gas sensors provide long working lifetimes and low drift performance, thus reducing the number of sensors consumed during the life of an instrument or detector which is good news for the enduser as well as having a positive impact on both labour costs and emissions to atmosphere during transit. Their CO, H2S and O2 sensors are guaranteed to deliver robust measurement for 5 years or more.

The ESG principles: environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and effective governance practices. Applying these principles to the development of electrochemical gas sensors ensures that the technology aligns with the broader goals of sustainable development.

Environmental Sustainability

DD-Scientific have a clear focus on minimising their environmental impact. From design through to production and testing, their energy-efficient manufacturing processes coupled with their cutting edge designs, ensure minimal waste generation.

However, with a global customer base and with some sensors travelling up to 16,000 KM before being placed into use, reducing air-miles and emissions created from transport is a challenge. Hence the introduction of the 5 year life sensors, for while DD Scientific cannot change supply chains nor the location of manufacturing hubs, reducing the number of sensors required over the working life of the instrument has a positive impact in enabling producers and end-users to reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs.

Social Responsibility

DD Scientific have a duty of care for their employees, their neighbours and their customers. From their ethical sourcing of materials, to their commitment to fair labour practices and the promotion of the mental well-being and physical health and safety of employees, every aspect of their operation is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure that best practices are followed and improvements to their systems are adopted.

Governance Practices

Many of the sensors produced by DD Scientific are used in life safety critical devices that alert and protect workers from the effects of exposure to toxic gases and Oxygen deficiency / enrichment. Therefore effective governance is essential for ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance within the development and distribution of DD-Scientific products. DD-scientific follow all best practices and regulations in their operations, making their processes more transparent and accountable. This includes maintaining high-quality standards, adhering to regulatory frameworks, and conducting rigorous testing and validation procedures.

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