• New gas sample probe and sample line solution provides rest-assured precision and environmental compliance – while a series of webinars teach the value of Perfect Sample Gas

Gas Detection

New gas sample probe and sample line solution provides rest-assured precision and environmental compliance – while a series of webinars teach the value of Perfect Sample Gas

Sep 12 2023

The new PSG Basic Duo Probe is a transformative solution for continuous gas analysis sampling. Built for reliability and adaptability in all levels of dust concentration, it's a must-have solution in industries dealing with hot gases, variable dust levels, and moisture-rich conditions. This sample probe provides uninterrupted gas sampling, serving applications like emissions measurement, process control, and optimisation, handling low to medium dust levels with options for high dust scenarios.

With a smart design to optimise gas flow and the largest filtration surface in the market (212 cm²), the PSG Basic Duo Probe captures dust efficiently. Filter changes are simple and tool-free and the device’s compact bracket design simplifies maintenance. The PSG Basic Duo Probe features a high-performance heater and robust insulation to provide uniform heating up to 250°C, which is crucial for accurate analysis. Superb filtration prevents dust buildup with no water vapour condensation, ensuring reliable functionality. It handles up to 3 g/m³ of dust or 10 g/m³ with pre-filters. A 0.3 µm ceramic filter provides a high level of thermal and chemical resistance.

The probe enables rest-assured EU Regulations (2000/76/EG & 2001/80/EG) compliance including TI Air and 13th & 17th BImSchV, aided significantly by the device’s standard calibration and test gas connections.

Also, part of the latest development from PSG is the PSG Plus Extruded Duo which further facilitates perfect continuous extractive gas analysis with its highly flexible heated sample lines. The lines can split up into 2 separate heated ends (which are lengths of 60 cm, 120 cm, or 180 cm) on either the analyser or the sample side to simplify and optimise applications such as calibration of gas lines and dual analyser probes. They are ideal for use with mercury analysers and systems that carry out both hot and cold sample extraction; they transport moist sample gas to analysers, maintaining the temperature above the gas' dew point to prevent condensation and loss of gas components. Only one temperature sensor is required because of the matching insulation in the two sample gas lines. The cables can be up to 73m in length, adjustable on-site every 0.6m, or purchased fully assembled. External temperature controllers such as the ST49 or DC-10 manage the lines via the integrated PT100, maintaining stable temperatures of up to 200°C. Standard versions with 2 6x1mm PTFE inner cores and PVC jackets are readily available for quick delivery, making them ideal for continuous gas analysis applications.

If you want to learn more about accurate gas analysis or optimising your gas measurement processes PSG has just announced their upcoming webinar series. The first, ‘Probe Sampling the CEM Quality Gate’ will take place on 14th September. Attendees will learn about new regulations, how to diagnose any CEMS sampling problems and some innovative solutions and latest developments for overcoming the challenges. On 19th October, the next webinar, ‘Mastering Probe Transportation’ will teach attendees some easy solutions to complicated probe transportation issues, how to make high energy and CO2 savings with cut-to-length technology and a look at the most common mistakes and how to avoid these traps. Finally, on 23rd November, the last webinar in the series, ‘Probe Conditioning – the Heart of CEM Sampling’ will discuss choosing the right sample gas cooler for every application, innovative solutions and developments for probe conditioning and a checklist on how to avoid the most common mistakes. You can register on PSG’s LinkedIn Channel.

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